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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Jupiter opposes Uranus; unpredictability!

Jupiter opposes Uranus and this major transit will be exact September 28. The energy has been with us on and off all year, and this will be the final pass. The energy has been building during September and will continue after the transit is exact.

When Jupiter opposes Uranus we can expect the unexpected. While Uranus rules things that are unique, it also rules aircraft, revolts and coups, explosions, the electronic media, rebellions, lightening, weather and a host of other things. Typically when astrologers see Uranus we think revolts, freedom, change, explosions and unexpected events that are sometimes shocking.

Astrologer Nicholas Champion writes, "it combines aspiration and effort and as such relates to the possibilities of progress and furthering the evolution of man. It encourages perception of deeper potentialities, poses questions, opens up possibilities.'

He states, "This seems to be both one of the key cycles of the free-market economy, and as such Barbualt considers it one of the predominately capitalist oriented cycles. In a society in crisis it can cause highly volatile situations to erupt without warning and an atmosphere of acute tension. In this state it has a particularly war-mongering potential."

Jupiter is in Libra and Jupiter rules governments, laws and legal situations, foreigners, travel, money and finance, and in Libra it deals with relationships. While romantic relationships can be affected and change, it concerns all kinds of relationships including the kind governments have with each other, or even the kind of relationships we have with neighbors or co-workers or boss. Relationships of all types can become changeable at this time, good or bad.

We can expect to see changes in government and major push back. This can of course include travel and foreign individuals, but is not limited to this either in the world or our personal lives. This far, the transit has involved chaotic political events and push back.

As Jupiter rules money we could see changes in finance or the stock market. While the market is at record highs at the time of this post, it could just as easily change, and this is a 'gamblers transit.' Things can go up or down without warning.

This transit demands freedom and many people will want to be free on many different levels. This is a time to expand our horizons and look at new possibilities. Many people will not want to be tied down and feel extremely restless.

Events can involve foreign people, accidents, young men, governments, laws, relationships, and explosive situations. Aircraft, weather or the internet could even be involved.
 In your own life things may get blown out of proportion, change can occur suddenly (Uranus) and some people may act in an egotistical or selfish manner. This is not the time to issue ultimatums or bring up on controversial subjects.

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