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Monday, October 2, 2017

Las Vegas shooting. October 1-The astrology

A lone gunman identified as 64 year old Steven Paddock, opened fire and killed at least 58 people and injured 500 more at a country music festival in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is being called the largest mass shooting in US history.

The first gunshots rang out at 10:08 PM, October 1, giving us a chart for this event.

The ascendant for this chart is 21 degrees of Gemini and Saturn opposes it in the 7th house of open enemies at 22 degrees of Sagittarius.

Venus and Mars opposed Neptune from the 4th to the 10th houses, showing confusion, and this tells is the shooter is likely unbalanced at the time of the shooting. Venus or Mars opposing Neptune can also show monetary losses, and Paddock is reported to have recently had major gambling transactions in Las Vegas.  It can also be connected to confusion in relationships, drugs or other convoluted and unclear circumstances. Mars and Venus is/was beginning its  upcoming square to Saturn which is an angry and frustrating transit.

Jupiter opposing Uranus can also indicate gambling, and can go either way, but typically is connected with unexpected loss or change in one's life. This is erratic energy, and we have experienced this on and off over the past 10 months. Unfortunately,I am not surprised an attack occurred with this energy, and in the past it has been connected with angry and unpredictable events.

Pluto in the 8th house shows death as the end result. Pluto recently turned direct, and is very powerful at this juncture. Pluto rules bullies, deep seated anger and major world events are often connected with its forward motion.

The Moon in the 9th house (Aquarius) is trine Jupiter showing the potential of a foreign connection, or connection to a foreign ideology or a specific ideology or belief. The Moon rules women, and irrespective of current information, or lack of, it appears to me  a foreign woman is involved in this incident.

 While ISIS has claimed responsibility and says Paddock converted to Islam before the attack, the FBI says there is no foreign or terrorist connection at the time of this post.

The upcoming October 5, full moon plays a role in this shooting as well. The energy of a full moon begins several weeks before the full moon occurs. This Moon is in the powerful sign of Aries, and squares Pluto which can result in violence, and emotional meltdowns.

A look at Paddock's chart (April 9, 1953-no time available) shows he has experienced many ups and downs over the past year. While at a disadvantage with no time of birth, it appears he has experienced many issues connected to relationships, and a great deal of stress.

Pluto has squared Paddocks' Sun over the past year, and opposed his Uranus at 14 degrees of Cancer. This t-square this is typically connected to change beyond personal control, power struggles, and major life change that can be connected to personal loss (unexpected), and strong viewpoints with a desire to succeed or rule over others in some way. At times Pluto can be connected with violence and a desire to control others.

The most telling transit is Saturn square his Mercury. Saturn-Mercury transits are connected with depression, negative news, a negative mental outlook and worry and anxiety. Venus and Mars in Virgo were opposing his Mercury, 'setting off,' this powerful square in his personal chart. There is no doubt he was depressed at the time of the shooting.

The powerful upcoming Full Moon would fall on Paddock's Sun (personal) and square Uranus showing an unpredictable nature and actions. It would also 'set off' the Pluto square to his Sun and its opposition to his natal Uranus at 14 degrees of Cancer.

Paddock was born with Neptune and Saturn opposing his Sun/Venus conjunction in Aries-Libra. Sun-Saturn shows a difficult connection with the Father, and Sun-Neptune can show a disconnection with the Father, undeveloped ego, and different if not distorted way of viewing the world. Over the past year, Uranus in Aries conjuncted his Sun-Venus and opposed Saturn and Neptune, setting off these two powerful if not defining oppositions in his natal chart. It is likely his action relates in some way to the upheaval these transits caused in his life over the past year.

Paddock likely had psychopathic tendencies based on his chart.

The US chart shows a major catastrophic event at this time as Saturn is square Neptune. This shows grief, and great unhappiness/depression in the population. Venus and Mars are within a few degrees of conjuncting this transit at the time of the massacre. Saturn-Neptune transits are often connected with grief or loss.

My thoughts and prayers are with those dead and injured and the family and friends of those involved in this horrific shooting.

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