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Monday, October 16, 2017

New Moon in Libra: Restless, unpredictable and changeable

The main astrological event this week will be the New Moon in Libra that falls at 26 degrees in the sign ruling partnerships and marriage on October 19. The lunar peak occurs at 3:12 PM, EST.

This Moon is a double edged sword, as it opposes Uranus at 26 degrees of Aries. The Sun at 26 degrees of Libra also opposes Uranus.

Both luminaries opposing Uranus makes this Moon more powerful than normal, and we may expect the unexpected in terms of events and situations that will occur. The energy of a new or full moon occurs before its peak and after.

As the Moon rules women, you may encounter those who are erratic, unpredictable and make sudden changes. The Moon also rules our home and emotional lives and change may occur here as well. Themes of freedom versus security may be prevalent.

Some relationships may take a turn in a different direction, and others may end completely.

At its best, it's could be an electric and exciting time, but events that occur at this time may not last, 
and must withstand the test of time to know who they will work out.

You could feel nervous, tense and mentally changeable.

Uranus rules coups and evolutions, unexpected change, revolts explosions and explosive situations. It can rule weather and natural events. It also rules aircraft and in the internet. We can expect to see unpredictable circumstances in the world.

In the US chart, the Sun and Moon square the second/eighth house axis of death/transformation/drugs and taxpayers money, and income.  It also squares Pluto and we may see hidden issues uncovered and come to light, issues connected to drugs and fights over income and health care.

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