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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Saturn-Venus transits: Love tough, or let it go

Saturn-Venus transits can be some of life's most difficult times, especially in terms of love and romance.

Venus rules love, beauty, money and social values, and Saturn is the planet of restriction. The two do not blend easily or harmoniously. As a matter of fact, hard Saturn-Venus transits are known for ending relationships.

Between ago 21-70 each person will experience about 7-8 harsh Saturn-Venus transits. Saturn will make a difficult contact with your Venus once every 7 years.

When you experience a Saturn-Venus transit money, friendships, and especially relationships come into question. If you or your partner have been unhappy in the relationship, it may very well end at this time.

As Saturn aspects your Venus, it generally makes three passes over the course of a year. In some cases it could make two passes, and on rare occasion it only makes one contact. If this is the case, the first and only contact will likely bring on a significant life changing event.

One of my favorite authors, Dr. Herber Smith, wrote, "This aspect seldom passes without some sorrow, whether in the form of the death of someone dear to you, or the separation from someone you love. New friends made at this time are likely to bring more sorrow or discipline  into the life than pleasure or benefit. It is very unfavorable for social affairs which don't go rightly, you will be disappointed in things not turning out pleasantly. The people you wish o meet will not be presented to you, or your plans for pleasure will be disappointed. 

Herber continues, "Do not marry, become engaged, or arrange for any important social meeting under this influence. It is an unhappy influence under which to play gaiety, amusement or anything of the sort, and it is unwise to expect much from a vacation, social engagement, visit, meeting between friends, love affair or anything that concerns personal happiness under this condition."

Of course, the above was written more than 100 years ago, but astrology never changes and neither do the transits.

Many things can happen on a Saturn-Venus transit depending on where it is located in your chart, and what other aspects are occurring at the time.  9 times out of 10 however, most of those calling me with this transit are concerned with their relationships.

Whether or not your relationship will survive this transit can depend on a number of things.

First of all, what is the synastry between the two charts, or in other words, what is your real compatibility?  The better and more compatibility the two of you have the better your chance of surviving this transit.

Secondly, time can come into the equation. If this is someone you have known for a few weeks or months, there is a good chance the relationship is meant to end. Any number of things can happen to make it end. You, yourself could be unhappy, or your new partner could, or information could be revealed that changes things.

With time you acquire memories, ties, solidity and in some cases become financially intertwined or have children.  But, even in these cases relationships can end. But the more ties that exist between you, and the greater your ability to function well and get along overall the greater chance you have of surviving this transit. This is where actual commitment comes into play and it is a two way street.

And of course there is love. Love can overcome many but not if it's one sided.  If both partners are equally connected with each other, there is a far greater chance you will continue on. If one partner is in love with someone who is not available, does not care, involved with others, or is not vested in the relationship, you can expect a break up. 

This is simply the universes way of ending a situation that is not good for the person who cares. Make no mistake: Saturn transits are often final.

If the aspects takes the form of an opposition, it is typically the other person that ends the relationship.

If the aspect is a square, it could go either way, or either party could end the relationship or become disinterested.

I have found the conjunction the least harsh of the three transits mentioned. A conjunct will either cement or end the relationship,. It can go either way. Sometimes an old love can return on this one.

What happens when you have a hard Saturn-Venus transit? The energy of this transit begins to play out before it is 'exact.' Relationship issues can start to surface, and you or your partner may pull away. If you meet someone new at this time, it will likely not work unless there are mitigating factors.

Most people feel lonely, unloved and even unattractive with this transit. Some people begin diets and work out programs at this time. All self help can only be good!

You do not have luck under this influence. As Dr. Herber wrote, this is not the time to plan important meetings, go to court, apply for your dream job, make public appearances, or leave anything to chance. Saturn delays and in some cases, ends some things.

Things break, cost money, change and it's not going to be solely connected to your relationship.

But, what can you do if you want to keep your relationship going?
First of all you must ask the question that only you can answer. Do I really want to keep this relationship going, and why? Is it really good for me? Are my feelings being returned or is this a one way street.

Secondly, realize this is the time things can break, especially relationships. This is not the time to get into fights, bring up negative issues or make demands. I am not saying you should take abuse, or suffer silently in any way. But this is not the time to push antagonistic issues, give ultimatums, display jealousy, or go crazy. You or your partner could break, or just give up on the relationship. Or it could be you that gives up.

The above paragraph is why I call this blog "Love tough, or give it up." If you want to save your relationship, it is going to require work, patience, and knowing what you really want, especially in these times. And it requires commitment-there's that word again, and dedication.

Sometimes however, the choice is made for you, and this is often the case. 9 times out of 10 when it involves a hard Saturn-Venus transit one person loses interest, wants out of the relationship, or outside factors occur that make the relationship difficult or impossible to continue.

Can the relationship come back together? Anything is possible, but often the third pass of Saturn, is often an end, especially if the relationship is not well established, and there are no strong ties, and especially if the word commitment is not in your mutual vocabulary.

Then again, there are people who have been married 60 years. If you were to ask them about their Saturn-Venus periods, you can rest assured they would tell you these were the most difficult times in their relationship, but the bond was strong enough to stick it out. Even in the best of relationships, issues will occur that can include separation for various reasons, sickness, or some other problem.

If you make it through a Saturn-Venus period in your relationship, you will know that your relationship has strong roots and can survive future storms, that we all experience in life. If you have been involved with someone for 7 years, in all likelihood you have experienced a harsh Saturn-Venus transit.
Saturn can also make a sextile or trine to Venus, and this can bring stability in your love life, commitment, or you could meet some of the most significant people you will know.

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