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Friday, July 13, 2018

Pre-natal charts and eclipses

Planetary cycles affect your life before you were even born into the world. While many modern astrologers do not use pre-natal charts, (charts that begin at conception) they are as relevant now as they were in the past and much can be gained in terms of family connections, appearance, and traits and characteristics that will come to life once a baby is born.

Astrologers often specifically look at the Pre-natal eclipse, or the last solar eclipse that took place before your birth, and it has a strong influence throughout your life. Some believe this eclipse propels your soul into its existence, but whether you believe this or not the pre-natal eclipse has a significant effect throughout your life, as a solar eclipse typically repeats itself every 19 years. As solar eclipses occur in series called Metronic returns (which means they re-occur every 19 years), sometimes they end or change cycles. In this case, there would be a New Moon at or around the same degree as the eclipse that would have the same significance. The pre-natal eclipse always leaves an imprint on how we approach decisions, interact with others and approach our life. What it specifically affects depends on where it falls in your personal chart.

The first return of the pre-natal eclipse is 19 years later. At this time there is typically a dramatic change in lifestyle as one typically begins adulthood. You could marry, leave home, start college or begin a job. 19 is a powerful turning point for most people.

Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette turned the tide of the US Revolutionary War at 19. Upon joining the Continental Army, Lafayette befriended General George Washington. However, the young aristocrat's most important contribution didn't occur on the field of battle. He helped convince the French monarch King Louis XVI to intercede on behalf of the American rebels.

Drew Barrymore, Olivia Wilde, Princess Diana, Melanie Griffith, Ava Gardner, and Leeann Rimes, Eleanor Roosevelt and Barbra Bush are all famous people who married or were engaged at age 19.

The next return of the pre-natal eclipse is at age 39. Liu Chuanzhi founded Lenovo at 39, Gordon Moore founded Intel at 39, Amancio Ortega founded Zara at 39. Anna Nichole Smith died at 39, as did Martin Luther King, Jr, Stonewall Jackson, and Amelia Earhart disappeared at that age. Their work on Earth was done.

At age 58, At 58, Sony chairman Akio Morita introduced the Sony Walkman, an idea no one seemed to like at the time. Charles Dickens died at 58 as did Andy Warhol, and President William McKinley as assassinated at that age.

At 77, we experience the 4th return of the pre-natal eclipse, and again at age 96. Betty White was still famous and working at age 96, as was Bob Hope and George Burns.

What significant events stand out at these ages in your life or others you know at these 19 year intervals? Can you identify these events? To find out where your pre-natal solar eclipse occurred click here.

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