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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Upcoming eclipse in Aquarius July 27: Upheaval, transformation, breakthroughs

The lunar eclipse this month falls at 4 degrees of Aquarius, on July 27. Eclipses can bring positive or negative results, but they typically usher significant life events in or out of your life. An eclipse like this last occurred in July 1999.

As this Moon and Mars are in Aquarius, the ruler of the collective, many events will occur that affect us all and we will be concerned with world events more so than usual, but each eclipse is also personal in terms of our own experience.

This is a powerful eclipse for a variety of reasons. First of all, Mercury and Mars are retrograde and we may be dealing with retrograde type situations: that is things that began earlier, have come back as an issue, or not been completed. When an eclipse falls on a retrograde Mercury events connected to the event can be delayed. As this eclipse is the longest of the century, its shelf life or length of its influence in our personal lives is longer as well. Eclipse energy typically lasts at least a month, sometimes much longer.

The Moon is conjunct Mars and this can often bring emotional stress, anger, or frustration. This can be directed at anyone but the Moon can typically involve women and family members or those closest to us. We could be concerned with events in the home.

Both the Sun/Moon and Mars square Uranus, and Mars is part of a slow moving square that will be exact July 31-August 3. This square is explosive, unpredictable and prone to unexpected events that can occur in the world and our personal lives.

The square occurred for the first time as Mars entered Taurus May 16, and the proceeding days. During this time we saw volatile incidents in the world and the eruption Hawaii's Kilauea volcano. The square will complete a third and final time September 16-20.
We can expect to see these types of unexpected incidents, violence or possibly even talk to war or military events in the world.

If the eclipse or Mars square fixed planets in your personal chart-Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius at 0-2 degrees, you can expect to see unexpected events and circumstances occur in your life with much change.

Saturn is trine Uranus as well, and this transit gives us stability and something to focus on. Saturn and Uranus combines the old and the new, to create something different.

At best, during this period we can break free of circumstances and situations that have been holding us back, and new elements and situations may enter our life, sometimes unexpectedly. It is possible other people we are engaged with may want to break free, especially those relationships tottering on the edge.

In summation, this eclipse is not the best time to begin new projects as Mars and Mercury are retrograde. This energy needs to be channeled and we need something to focus on at this time, as the potential exists for anger or rash and hasty decisions we could come to regret. Focus and calm will be the key to a successful experience, and at best we can approach things in a new and innovative manner. It is better to plan events at this time than to put them into action. Innovation can be a key, and in this respect the sky is the limit.

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