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Monday, November 19, 2018

Full Moon on Black Friday

This month's full moon falls at 0 degrees of Gemini on November 23, close to midnight and in time for the US Thanksgiving holiday. It is a powerful but convoluted full moon.

Gemini rules communication, travel, computers, young people and its planetary ruler is Mercury, which is retrograde and square Neptune. Many retrograde screw ups could occur on this moon, and confusion should be expected!

Mercury-Neptune transits relate to confusion, lack of clarity and lies.  All you hear may not be true, and some people may change their mind on issues or say they committed to one course of action when they did not (or vice versa).

The Moon opposes the Sun and Jupiter, and Moon-Jupiter has a tendency to over promise or blow things out of proportion, although it can be positive.

The bigger picture is this moon squares Mars, the 'God of War'.

As the Moon rules women and family, issues may arise at family gatherings, and more than a few may blame Mom for something. Interactions can be intense, and people may seem agitated and upset.

Of course, Black Friday, the consumer driven 'holiday' will be special this year, with retrograde Mercury and this full Moon. Can you imagine the Christmas gifts that will be sent back? People could also get nasty trying to get what or to where they want.

Outside of this and all kidding aside, this full moon presents its challenges with a square to Mars. The 0 degree Moon is a powerful aspect and it would be easy to set off an argument, and care should be exercised in communication with others. Men and women may not communicate well.

This moon will play out on the world stage in terms of important and volatile news we will hear over these few days. We will be lucky if we don't hear of violence as we so often do these days. Mars rules young men, guns, police and weapons and the Moon rules women.

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