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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

January New Moon: Dealing with the shadow


This month’s New Moon falls in Capricorn and the lunar peak occurs at 12:00 AM, EST. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and is connected to work, responsibilities, obligations and structure, and it is likely we will be focused on these matters.

The Sun and Moon conjunct Pluto creating intense, sometimes obsessive feelings, revelations, and thoughts of the past. At times past lovers may re-appear. Sun-Pluto can also relate to power struggles and issues over money or sex.

January is a volatile month in general and this powerful Capricorn moon will be no different.  We will likely see issues relating to control, power, political control and revelations and Pluto tends to rule crime, the criminal element and hidden issues can often come to light on a Moon like this on the world stage and sometimes in our own lives. This new moon appears significant in the charts of Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and many others. Of course, we can only know what we hear on the news in this regard as to what happens with public figures. With Trump however, it represents a culmination of the end of his term, regardless of the false information being spread about over turning the election. This is not going to happen, but it will generate a great deal of fear and anxiety.

Mars has entered its square to Saturn so we may face or encounter anger, frustration and blocks. This can be a mentally and emotionally draining period. This will however pass within a few days and we can gain momentum as we move forward. Mars-Saturn transits can be indicative of police and crime, frustration and anger, or even accidents. Blocks can appear to slow you down in some way. If this happens it is better to wait the energy out over the next few days than to row upstream against the current.

Pluto represents the dark side or the shadow side of our personalities. We will have a choice to make on this full moon about how to use this energy. We can sink into the mire of obsessions and past issues or we can use this same energy to transmute a situation and focus on how to rise above it. Pluto transits can confer steely determination. In this way we can compare the energy to alchemy and transmute the shadow into gold by doing the inner work necessary. If you feel none of these feelings with this new moon you can use this very powerful energy to focus on your personal ambitions for the New Year. In this way, you can make this moon work for you. With the powerful and determined Capricorn energy you can make great strides forward if you use patience and good judgment, so this moon will have its rewards.


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