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Thursday, December 17, 2020

Saturn has entered Aquarius!


Saturn enters Aquarius December 17th, at 11:57 PM, EST. Saturn has not been in Aquarius since 1994 (February 1991-January 1994). In the past century Saturn was in Aquarius January 1962-March 1964, and 1902-1905.

Saturn will remain in this sign through July 1, 2020 when it will return to Capricorn for another six months, re-entering Aquarius again December 18, 2020-March 7, 2023.

Saturn and Aquarius versus Saturn and Capricorn

Saturn in Aquarius is in the second sign Saturn rules, along with Capricorn although its energetic expression will be far different.

Aquarius is an Air sign, and Saturn in this sign is co-ruled by Uranus, the planet of sudden and unexpected events, so during Saturn’s time in this sign we may both collectively and individually experience unexpected events while the planet of structure and discipline (Saturn) occupies this sign. Air signs are prone toward new and futuristic as well as humanitarian thinking.

Saturn is considered the great teacher, and the planet of structure and discipline. Keywords that describe Saturn are: hard work, patience, discipline and maturity. Wherever Saturn goes it reveals the positive and the worst-especially what is NOT working, and where we need to apply more of our energies to improve things.

Saturn in Aquarius rules the 11h house, or the collective. Our future over the next several years will involve the collective as opposed to the individual. We will all be in it together, in other words. As Aquarius rules the collective and Saturn is in this sign, we are now being asked to engage in social distancing (Saturn=restrictive in Aquarius (the collective) as a result of Covid-19 at the start of this cycle. Working online is something many people will utilize at this time (Uranus rules the internet), and air travel is not recommended and may be stopped for a time, at the time of this post. Aquarius rules groups, aircraft, lightening, cutting edge technology, thinking, logic and science, future oriented technology and solutions. It rules astrology, aeronautics, forward thinking individuals, freedom and new inventions, which we will see many of over the next few years.

During the years Saturn is in Aquarius it will ask us to change from a society of self-interest to one that recognizes the needs of the majority, or the collective and achieve a new form of true Democracy that works for the majority as opposed to a minority. Many changes will occur around the world.

Saturn in Aquarius has a co-ruler: Uranus. Uranus rules the unexpected, explosions, explosive situations, technology, freedom and breaking away from the old, coups and revolutions. It also rules anarchy, wild animals, assassination attempts, bacteriology, birds, broadcasting, brotherhood, calamities, change, clairvoyants, electronics, fanaticism, genius, inventions, liberty, inequality, influenza, liberals, lighting, metaphysics, psychics, science, and zealots to name just a few.

Saturn squares Uranus

Saturn began its square to Uranus in Taurus when it entered Aquarius march 21, but this square will not complete until 2021. The most intense period this year is between the time of this post and mid-April. This square will be exact the week February 2021, June 2021, December 2021, and October 2022. Uranus square Saturn deals with upheaval and change in the world as well as our personal lives. In Taurus, this upheaval will affect money/financial markets, earth and weather related changes and conditions, possibly the production and distribution of food, coups and revolutions and unexpected events in the collective and our personal lives. November 2008-Septemember 2009 we experienced a Saturn-Uranus opposition, a square occurred July 1999-May 2000 and we experienced a conjunction of these powerful planets February-October of 1988.

Saturn in Capricorn

In Capricorn, Saturn was about building and hard work. Capricorn is conservative and restrictive and at the same time can represent big business and great wealth. It is a stodgy if not heavy sig, and there is nothing light about it.  It’s conjunction with Pluto and Jupiter (in Capricorn) has brought about a great deal of turmoil in the world. Pluto changes, reforms and often tears down to rebuild. These three planets together represent two of the major ten aspects that create change and upheaval in the world. This transit deals with corruption, crime, corruption at the top and Jupiter-Pluto can deal with pandemics as it did with the Spanish flu in 1918 as well as governments and money.

Capricorn is a materialistic sign and also one of the signs that rules the earth. We have seen a great deal of materialism during the last 2.5 years Saturn has been in Capricorn. Now, as we approach the end of Saturn’s transit through Capricorn we are faced with the problem of what happens when society becomes so materialistic it ignores the majority, which is why income inequality has now become a theme we are being forced to deal with. Society as a whole cannot exist peacefully for long when the needs of the top 1% come at the expense of the 99%. Saturn in Aquarius will make this obvious and be an impetus toward change.

The earth itself is in need of our help as global warming and the consequences become a major theme we will be forced to work with one way or another. When Saturn transits Aquarius we will be forced to put the needs of the citizens and earth itself ahead of corporate greed and negligence of the planet. Part of this issue will be amplified with Uranus in Taurus, which will create a clash with Saturn when it enters Aquarius, creating further upheaval, as it is now. We experienced the dust bowl the last time Uranus was in Taurus in the mid-1930’ which had a devastating effect on the Western and Plains regions  of the US due to poor farming practices that left the soil eroded.

Saturn in Capricorn dealt with banks, big business and authority. Capricorn is needed in a society to create structure but there must be balance. Saturn in Capricorn deals with authority and top heavy financial hierarchies which can lead to power imbalances and well as corruption. News reports currently state a select group of Senators got word of the pandemic and its affects and dumped millions of dollars in stock ahead of the stock market decline which in normal society would be called insider trading punishable by prison time. This is only one example of many. Saturn has transited through Capricorn 4 times since 1900, and each time materialism has become too top heavy and we have experienced a recession in the US.

Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn in Aquarius will force us to deal with the needs and desires of the collective as opposed to the 1%. Saturn began its square to Uranus when it entered Aquarius, but will not complete until 2021. During this time it will lead to upheaval but in the end we will have an opportunity to have a more balanced world. In this way we can experience true Democracy.

During the years Saturn is in Aquarius it will ask us to change from a society of self-interest to one that recognizes the needs of the majority. All is not negative however; we will see great advancement in thinking and technology during this new and exciting period of time. For the record, I believe there will be a vaccine for the cororavirus by December or January2021, or alternatively, there will be some other exciting new advancement in health care.

Saturn and you

Saturn in Aquarius will work well for Aries, Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius.  Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio may experience some challenges as it will square or oppose your sign as it does every 7 years. When Saturn enters your sign (Aquarius) you have entered a new 30 year cycle and in many ways will re-create yourself over the next 3 years. I will write more about this in the near future.

During these years we will see significant news regarding airlines, flight and aircraft or spacecraft. At the time of this post the airlines are asking Congress for a 50 million bailout. The last time Saturn was in Aquarius Pan American Airlines bankrupted and Eastern airlines shut down. Between 1991-04 we saw numerous significant airplane crashes, and NASA launched the Mars Observer for a flight to the Red planet.

Saturn conjuncts Jupiter

Before this period is over Saturn will conjunct Jupiter, and this is another significant transit that deals with great changes in the evolution of man, history and thinking. This transit occurs every 20 years and the last time was Taurus, the sign ruling the earth and money. We have gone through a lengthy period of Saturn-Jupiter conjunctions in earth signs, and this year it will switch to Air signs.

Saturn will conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn December 15-18, 2020, and Aquarius December 20-28, starting a new period in Air cycles which will change thinking.

 This cycle has sometimes been referred to as the “Presidential death cycle,’ although I am not predicting a death. No Presidential death occurred in 1980 or 2000. There were however assassination attempts both times. In my studies of Presidential astrology and assassinations neither George Bush or Ronald Regan’s chart indicated death by assassination, while the others did.


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