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Monday, December 28, 2020

The final full moon of 2020!


The last full moon of the year falls in Cancer on December 29th. The lunar peak will occur around 10:38PM, EST.

Cancer or the 4th house relates to home and family, and during the holidays our thoughts typically turn to family, whether we are able to be with them or not. Cancer is typically warm, comforting and associated with home, security, safety, the past and all of our intimate feelings for others.

The ruler of Cancer is the Moon, and like the moon our feelings can fluctuate during this time.  This may not be a problem for the Water signs, but it can be more difficult for those born under Fire and Air signs. At times Cancer can become too passionate and feeling and the intensity can overwhelm us or we could become impatient with others. For those born under Cancer, or who have a Sun or Moon in this sign these feelings will be no big deal, but for others there is a good chance things can get too dramatic or intense at times over the next two weeks. 

The Sun makes a positive sextile to Uranus creating feelings of excitement, intuition, change and freedom. This is the time to make plans, look at new ways of doing things. It can also make for an interesting holiday weekend.

Mars is still in a square with Pluto, although these two malefic planets are separating. You could feel some kind of stress or anxiety at this time, but the positive aspects made by the moon should be more powerful. On December 30th, the Moon travels deeper into Cancer, squaring Mars and opposing Pluto. Things could become touch and go at this point, but if so, the feelings should be fleeting, as the Moon moves quickly.

With the Moon’s positive aspect to Uranus, now is the time to make plans for the New Year and liberate yourself from the things within your power that are oppressive and have outlived their time-this can include thought patterns, fears, people or situations you find yourself in.





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