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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Mercury enters Sagittarius!


Every year Mercury travels through all of the signs for roughly a month each time, unless there is a retrograde. Toward the latter part of the year, the Sun enters Sagittarius, and this year the planet of communication does so as well. We will be more social and many may start to look forward to the holidays in particular.

Mercury enters Sagittarius December 1-December 20th changing Mercurial energies dramatically.

Sagittarius is the sign ruled by Jupiter the planet of luck and expansion, and Mercury rules travel, communication, young people and our thinking. Our thoughts may turn to travel or family members/extended family and our thinking will be broader and greatly expanded. We may also feel more buoyant, upbeat and impulsive.

Mercury is not totally comfortable in this energy, but this does not mean things will take a negative turn. In Sagittarius/ Mercury worries about the bigger picture of things but can lose track of smaller but important details.

Mercury in this sign is associated with expansion and the spreading of knowledge that can have a great deal of depth. This is an outgoing time and socializing with others will come easier than normal even for those who are shy. This Mercury is about visions of the future and can shine a light on that that which needs to be brought to light.

The challenge with Mercury in this sign is developing discernment in the quest for truth and not falling prey to every idea that crosses your path or blowing an idea totally out of proportion. We must remember that it is only through discernment that we can we narrow down ideas to find the path to real truth, which is the true quest for Sagittarius.

Expect to be more open to new ideas, people and life in general. Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign and mutable signs are subject to change and fire signs are prone to action.

Mercury in Sag is idealistic, visionary, and dynamic and does not like to be bored. Our minds can get restless easily and we may experience a need for something bigger than normal to occupy the mind.

Sagittarius likes to take the broadest perspective of ideas and concepts. We may go through quite a few mental adventures and twists and as Sagittarius rules the 9th house of worldview, we could change our view of how the world operates or broaden it in some way. We may also become interested in further education and it does not have to be formal.

The downside of Mercury in Sag can lead to speaking without first thinking, exaggerating, or saying things that just are not true. Our minds may wander more than usual, which can be positive or negative. You may have so many different thoughts you might do well to write the important ones down to refer to later.



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