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Sunday, November 29, 2020

Lunar eclipse in Gemini: Truth, lies and consequences


The full moon falls on November 30th and this is a lunar eclipse at 8 degrees of Gemini. Eclipses are like light posts, showing us the path to the future and where we are going. As we approach an eclipse energies start to build, information, and events relating to the eclipse begin to occur often in the days before the eclipse. Events can happen before, during and after an eclipse which has a powerful life span of at least 30 days and usually much longer.

As the Sun opposes the Moon during a lunar eclipse emotional energy can get out of balance, too intense and many people start to get thrown off balance or upset without even knowing why. This occurs most often in family and close personal relationships. Eclipses can bring good or negative events depending on what it touches in your chart. Things can be eclipsed in or out of your life, and eclipses frequently bring surprises.

In astrology Gemini rules travel and trips as well as communication of all types, children and young people. Gemini, ruled by Mercury typically concerns all of these things, but especially communication. There is a good chance you may hear from family members, extended family members, friends and co-workers. This eclipse is about communication on many different levels.

You could feel an increased need or desire for love, but this eclipse can also increase tension with those closest to you. This will be more apparent if you feel you are giving more than you are getting.

This can however, be a time to work these issues out as Mercury makes an aspect to both Jupiter and Saturn that is both upbeat and positive, but it could also border on the serious without becoming too heavy or angry.

Venus opposite Uranus is a transit of change and uncertainty in relationships and finances as well as values. Unexpected events and change could cause uncertainty and anxiety. The other side of this energy can be geared toward trying something new, unexpected and exciting.

If you are currently in a relationship there could be a need for more excitement and freedom or unpredictable behavior. Some relationships may end but there would have been earlier signs and signals things are not on the right course.

This transit favors internet dating and a new relationship could seem exciting, but as with any Uranus transit, it may be short lived and would have to withstand the test of time.

This transit can manifest in other areas of life if you are not focused on a relationship.  You could gain or lose money and friendships could be affected. This is a powerful transit indicative of risk taking.

There is a duality to Gemini and this sign is known for sometimes being two-faced. As the Sun is in Sagittarius opposing the moon, communication can be blown out of proportion or inflated.

A mutable t-square in astrology means we are dealing with the energies of three different planets at once. These planets are the Moon, Sun, and Neptune. Neptune is the planet of illusion, delusion, confusion and lack of clarity. This can create a scenario where the truth can be hard to discern, or we may be dealing with outright lies, sometimes mixed in with bits of the truth making things even more confusing. Gas lighting may be an issue for some.

In the US chart the eclipse opposes Uranus and we can expect to wake up to or hear news of unexpected events and Uranus can be explosive or shocking. This can also relate to information regarding public health and the coming of a Covid-19 vaccine and/or medicine, technology, the internet, and space or aircraft issues and technologies. This eclipse along with the solar eclipse on December 14th marks the end of the Trump Presidency.


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