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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Mercury re-enters Scorpio


Mercury enters Scorpio November 10th for the second time this year. Mercury began its tour through Scorpio October 14th-28th before it retrograded back into Libra. Mercury turned retrograde at 11 degrees of Scorpio on October 14th. As it re-enters Scorpio again we will pick up where we left off in October.

Each year Mercury retrogrades in a certain element, this year the element has been Water. The Water signs are Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio and they are known for their sensitivity and sentimentality. With Mercury in this sign you may feel more emotional and express this in your speech and communication with others. This should not present a problem for Water or Earth signs but can be more difficult for those born in Air and Fire signs as it may seem too emotional.

Mercury rules our communication and while in Scorpio we are typically searching, digging for truth and a little more suspicious in nature. This does not however, mean it is negative. Each sign has its purpose and Mercury in this sign will leave no stone unturned if we are looking for an answer. Our thinking and communication will be deep, and Scorpio is known as being relentless; in other words, we don’t give up easily.

Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto. This means communication is more direct and forceful (Mars) as well as probing, inquisitive and prone to reading between the lines (Pluto).

During this time you can use Scorpio’s perceptive and calculating approach to concentrate and focus on what you want to direct your energy toward as Scorpio is very focused. Mercury in Scorpio is frank to the point of being blunt, at times too blunt. During this period we tend to churn ideas around quite a bit before reaching a final conclusion. As Scorpio is a fixed sign, decisions made at this time are often irreversible. Mercury-Scorpio is passionate in speech and communication but we must be careful about lecturing others. Others will be equally passionate, and quite a few secrets will be exchanged at this time. Our judgment will be at its best when it is not personal. If this happens the emotional side of Scorpio may take over and we could lose objectivity.

Mercury-Scorpio can be naturally suspicious and loves to seek out hidden motives and intrigues, sometimes where there are none. Watch this possibility and you should communicate succinctly with others.

November 17, Mercury will oppose Uranus for the third time. This occurred October 7th and 19th before and after Mercury turned retrograde. Mercury-Uranus can be nerve-wracking, anxiety prone, or it can be exciting, provoking a feeling of freedom or a desire to break free of something.  Typically this transit relates to sudden, if not unexpected news. Use caution while driving on this day as it can be accident prone. Expect significant events to play out in the world as this transit completes. Mercury in Scorpio opposing Uranus in Taurus brought about a significant stock market drop on October 1th, as Scorpio-Taurus rules the 2nd-8th house axis concerning money and investment. October 19, we received news there were more than 40 million corona virus cases around the world, and we reached a new high in terms of total numbers and deaths.

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