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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Full moon in Taurus: October surprise


The second full moon of this month falls on October 31, at 8 degrees in Taurus. When a second full moon occurs in any given month it is called a ‘blue moon,’ so this will be a Halloween blue moon.

This moon will be significant as it is conjunct Uranus, and opposes the Sun in Scorpio. Uranus is considered the planet of unexpected, often volatile and explosive events. This full moon will peak around 10: 49AM, EDT.

The full moon in Taurus relates to the 2nd/8th houses, or finances, money, takes, joint finances and debt. These issues may arise on a collective or individual level. At the time of this post the stock market has gone down 3 days in a row, so don’t be surprised if this full moon does not reveal a serious financial weakness, or deal with something connected to financial markets and/or money. Additionally, Saturn is conjunct Pluto in the US chart. This is dark, powerful energy and reveals a fight to the death mentality, and corruption. This transit lies in the US charts 2nd house of money-income. When the stock market went down this spring more than 1000 points this was a contributing factor.

The Sun in Scorpio opposes the Moon as it does every full moon. This is different however; as we basically have 2 Uranus transits involving the Sun and the Moon. When the Sun also opposed Uranus last year P45 announced a military attack in Syria resulting in the death of the Islamic State leader. Uranus also rules the internet and technology, aircraft, coups and rebellions to name just a few.

The Moon conjuncts Black moon Lilith which represents a part of our subconscious that is linked to the ‘shadow’ part of our personality that is often repressed and hidden from plain view. Lilith is associated with raw, primal emotions that are often pushed away and not dealt with. When a planet aspects Lilith, we are often faced with dealing with repressed anger, fears and other issues so they can be resolved and we grow stronger. Use this time to get in touch with your ‘shadow’ emotions so they can be dealt with and released.

Mercury has begun its square to Saturn as well, which will not peak until November 6th. I have said for some time this appears to relate to authoritarian control over mail, voting, speech and movement. There is no doubt widespread attempts to slow down voting are going on in certain states. It is also indicative of serious if not negative news.

This full moon is not limited to issues concerning money, but no doubt this will play a role. Other things could occur as well, and it will have an affect on the November 3rd election as the energy is still powerful.

In our personal lives this moon can pay out as nerve-wracking or exciting depending on what it aspects in your personal chart. It is hard to know what a Uranus transit will bring as it is so unpredictable. For some, this may represent a time to break free of a job, relationship or something else as Uranus can shake us out of our rut. Uranus is associated with brilliance, so we could see cutting edge technology or have a new and exciting ideas. Your emotions could shift or you could make a sudden decision about something.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of women, beauty, money and values. All of this will somehow factor into this moon which falls on Halloween this year. Energy typically responds better when it is directed toward something. Get togethers  on Zoom or small parties (if possible) could be fun and exciting. Happy Halloween!


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