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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Mars squares Pluto: Blind ambition, power struggles and control

Mars has entered its square to Pluto and this transit is exact November 19, at 7:11 AM, est. The energy will be felt between now and as it becomes exact, and after.

Mars-Pluto transits are typically angry, and can reveal new information. As Mars is in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn we can look to the area of relationships, and business for this transit to play out. But, depending on where and what this transit aspects your own personal chart, it could affect other areas.

This is the transit par excellence, of power struggles and confrontations. You or others may desire to gain control over others or certain situations. If you aren't interested in control, others may be interested in controlling you.

On the positive side, this energy could be used to achieve, and it can stir up ambitions, but it important not to be ruthless in your actions or come across this way to others. Push others and expect push-back. Others with more power may well have the upper hand during this time. Avoid difficult people and push forward with your own ambitions, without stepping on others, and the potential exists to achieve.

In relationships this is not the time to push issues that lead to power struggles. The combination of Mars-Pluto can be ruthless and unyielding. Mars and Pluto can both be connected to sex, and issues can arise here as well.

Mars square Pluto will affect those more than others who have cardinal planets-Aries, Cancer, Capricorn and Libra at 16-18 degrees. How you will be affected depends on where the cardinal planets are located in your personal chart.

This transit will play out in the world in the form of volatile and even violent situations. As this blog is being written, another shooting occurred at a school in California. From reports, at least three children have been injured at the time of this post.

Mars-Pluto transits can be connected to struggles over taxpayer money, bullies and those who wish to push their agenda. Mars rules men and guns and this transit is also connected to crime and criminal undertakings. Pluto rules nuclear weapons and power as well. This transit will affect US politics, and those in the highest positions of current government.

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