Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February's New moon occurs on February 18, at 6:47 P.M., EST, falling at 29.59 degrees of Aquarius. This is the second new moon in Aquarius in less than a month in the same sign.

As this moon falls at 29.59 degrees this is the Anaretic degree, considered a critical degree in astrology that can be crisis oriented. This degree can be associated with a sense of urgency, and poor decisions and vacillation can occur.

There can be an explosive quality about Aquarius in world events as well as personal situations and this is considered a Supermoon." A SuperMoon is a perigee-syzygy, a new or full moon (syzygy) which occurs when the Moon is at 90% or greater of its mean closest approach to Earth (perigee). SuperMoons are noteworthy for their close association with extreme tidal forces working in what astrologers of old used to call the sublunary world: the atmosphere, crust and oceans of our home planet - including ourselves, of course. From extreme coastal tides to severe storms to powerful earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, the entire natural world surges and spasms under the sway of the SuperMoon alignment - within three days either way of the exact syzygy, as a general rule. SuperMoon solar eclipses tend to have a wider sphere of impact, extending roughly a week before and after the actual event+-Richard Nolle
At the time of this post on February 17, a tsunami warning has been issued after a 6.9 magnitude earthquake that hit off the Japanese coastline.

Additionally,  Mars is at 29 degrees as well, also placing the planet of action at a critical degree. Some consider the 29th degree karmic in nature.

Aquarius rules the 11th house, or the collective and we may be associated with groups, group activities and will see events that concern the world at large. Aquarius is the sign often associated with war and revolution. Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus.

This new moon peaks at 6;47 PM, (EST) and within a few minutes moves into the sign Pisces, the 12th sign of the zodiac. At 6:50 P.M, EST both the Sun and the moon move into the sign Pisces shifting the energy to 12th house matters.

The 12th house concerns matters and issues that are secret and hidden, issues in the subconscious mind and Pisces rules religion, spirituality and compassion, as well as drugs and the seamy side of society. The moon will conjunct Neptune and we will see more water related weather conditions and the Saturn-Neptune square will be set off.

I call the Saturn-Neptune square dissolving realities. For those individuals with early degree mutable planets in their charts-Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, confusing issues may occur and you could find yourself at a turning point.

The few days leading up to the new moon is often a period of low energy for many.




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