Friday, August 28, 2015

September 2015: Watch our world change-Saturn into Sagittarius

September is such an important month astrologically-perhaps the most action packed month of this year, and I'm not saying it will be an easy month. Venus turns direct, Mercury retrogrades, several fast moving planets (along with Jupiter) move into in Virgo, two eclipses occur, Mercury turns retrograde, Saturn enters a new sign and Jupiter opposes Neptune. There is a lot to cover and this is not a short forecast, so let's get started!

Venus finally turns stationary direct at 14 degrees of Leo September 6. Venus has been in its retrograde since July 25, and this cycle typically shakes up relationships and finances. This is a period when we reevaluate what is important to us in many respects. Venus's retrograde can slow down money matters or legal matters as well, so I don't know anyone who won't be happy to see it turn direct.

Sometimes it is at this point that events occur in relationships for better or worse, depending on what else it is doing in your chart. Venus will still be in the stationary direct shadow period until October 8, so love energy won't totally return to normal until then. It is during this part of the cycle that you can evaluate the results of the retrograde Venus affect for yourself. Did your love life slow down, or did you make changes in your social life or money or reach an epiphany? If you began a relationship on a retrograde Venus, it may change as Venus turns direct and moves forward, or when Mercury turns retrograde or direct in October.

Just when you thought the retrograde affect was over though, Mercury will turn stationary retrograde for the final time this year on September 17, at 15 degrees of Libra. It will be retrograde until-October 9.  Libra is the sign ruling the seventh house of relationships and marriage, so this may prolong the retrograde affect in your love life, relationships and even money for a while longer.

Mercury retrograde is a time of re-doing, recessing and re-evaluating our lives. As Mercury is in Libra, we will be re-evaluating relationships, friendships and partnerships of all types.

This is not the time to begin new things, relationships, projects or start new jobs if you can help it. I always say however, if you need a job take it. But, anything started during this period can change when Mercury goes direct.

I have tested this many times and this cycle is not the time to get married or engaged (I haven't tested this, but seen it end badly many times ) buy art, large ticket items, make investments, paint, or anything of this sort. This is the time rather, to sit back and access what you have and make changes to fit your life or improve the situation. The time to take action will come in October.

Things, relationships, equipment and even people often break down during a retrograde Mercury cycle. Get your car checked, and hope for the best. If something does break down, its time has come for repair or replacement. 

Communication can get confusing, appointments missed, and all manner or irritating situations can occur, but it's all part of the natural cycle of a retrograde Mercury. It's about accessing and redoing.

Two eclipses occur this month, and the first one is a solar eclipse on the New Moon, falling on September 12, at 20 degrees of Virgo at 11: 41, PM, EST. Next, is a lunar eclipse September 27, at 5 degrees of Aries, occurring at 10:50 PM, EST.

I always call Mercury/Venus retrograde and eclipses 'wildcards' because they are. Eclipses can reveal things, end situations, reveal, and bring opportunities of all types, depending on what it is doing in your personal chart. Eclipses bring change and some is more dramatic than at other times, and not all eclipses are negative.

As the  Solar eclipse is in Virgo this sign rules the 6th house of work, health and service. An eclipse of this nature can reveal situations and changes at work, in diet and health and our level of service we provide others in many different ways.

Many will likely be focused on work rather than pleasure, and this is a perfect time for organizing the important matters of our life and utilizing our talents in the area of re-organizing our houses, thoughts and plans.

The shadow side of this sign is critical, judgmental, and sometimes brings feelings of self unworthiness. The positive side of the sign is practicality, management /leadership ability, and discerning thinking.

Venus and Mars are trine Uranus within a few degrees and these are positive, upbeat energies. But, this moon will oppose Neptune (discouragement, delusion, compassion, deep spiritual understandings), trine Pluto (determination), and sextile Saturn (security, stability),

But, Jupiter opposes Neptune at 7-8 degrees of Virgo-Neptune and this is a transit of confusion, lies and deception, trickery, smoke and mirrors and illusions, and you must discern what is truth and what is not.

As Jupiter is in the sign of service/work and Pisces the sign ruled by Neptune/12th house (lies, illusions, distortions of truth) the deception may come in the areas of work/service, or through our ideas, concepts and communications, religion, or philosophical beliefs or beliefs at the time. It could also come through something being presented to you: an idea, promise, business opportunity, or in some other way a distortion of the truth that can include self deception.

This is a transit of  lies, thievery and trickery, and as a collective we must guard against illusions that hit some chord making it seem real, yet it is not.

Religion comes to mind and may well be front and center in come way, or that which poses as religion but is in fact lies and deception and trickery.

You should be cautious in all personal, legal, monetary and personal exchanges at this time, and the Virgo moon should give you the discernment to ferret out the truth from lies and self deceptions.

Addictions, yours or someone else's, can also be a theme at this time. There could also be a desire to escape from the world.

Collectively, religion (or that which poses under the guise of high philosophic ideals) can and will be a part of this and as a whole we we are prone to swindles, and mass thievery of some kind, deception, scandals and lack of clarity in facts. We could in fact hear news of religious figures.

If you can find balance in your life and not fall victim to illusions you can experience this transit as spiritual awakenings and compassion, creativity of the highest of personal insight and awakenings. But knowing what is a spiritual awakening versus the wrong path or madness (Neptune) itself may be hard to discern. Dreams can be very prominent at this time.

Be especially cautious with finance and money matters.

Mercury will square Pluto and this will be a time we may discover new information, be searching for answers, engaged in power struggles and have obsessive thoughts. To work effectively this transit needs a focus of some type of mental activity rather than obsessions that may not even be grounded in reality.

Jobs, job security, auditors, discernment, analyzing, work, dieting/health, service to others, enlightenment, organization are all keywords for this eclipse in Virgo and a positive use of the energy.

The lunar eclipse of September 27,  falls at 5 degrees Aries and this eclipse is likely more explosive then the Virgo solar eclipse. This is a Supermoon as well, and I find Supermoons to be more powerful, the energy works sooner, rather than later, and we are at risk of severe weather extremes and other e

 Aries rules the first house of self, and its ruler is Mars, the God of War.

Mars squares Saturn, (1 degree Virgo/Sagittarius) which by this point has moved into Sagittarius (Saturn), so this will be a theme of this eclipse which is hard work with little gain, frustration, and even anger.

Those who are early degree mutable signs will be especially affected by this eclipse, or those who have mutable planets in their charts in the early degrees.

This moon will trine Saturn (security), oppose Mercury (communication issues, vehicles, irritation with partners, young people, transportation issues), square Pluto (obsession, control issues, meltdowns) and conjunct Uranus (unexpected emotional responses and events)

The frustration, upset or anger can center around Sagittarius/Virgo related themes: audits, work, service, ideas, money, education, medical or legal issues, or the way we view things.

These eclipses will play out in the world as well, and I will write more about this later. As Mercury is retrograde, the effects of this eclipse may be delayed by days or even weeks.

Jupiter will oppose Neptune and this transit is exact September 17, at 7 degrees of Virgo/Pisces and those with mutable planets around this degree are especially prone to its influence. While this transit is exact now, the week before and after are significant and basically the entire month of September. This transit can represent a beautiful illusion, but the key word is illusion, and illusions only lead to disillusion.

Scams, theft, self-delusion, fraud, and outright lies and misunderstandings are indicative of this transit. Go back and re-read what I wrote about this transit during the first eclipse for a deeper meaning. Religion and that which poses as religion or higher philosophies will come into focus and it is up to us collectively to discern the truth. No doubt there will be scandals, news of younger men and same sex marriage. Discernment and credibility is the key collectively and individually as we are at risk of being scammed, lied to and mislead.

We could hear news of the financial markets and the words 'suckers rally' comes to mind along with mis-information or loss. I can remember back in the 1990's when Jupiter opposed Neptune and my husband and I were doing some legal and financial transactions. It appeared everything was in order and in good shape, but months later we discovered everything was not as we thought. Even worse we were given incorrect information by attorneys and it was deliberate. I will leave this story here, and I don't know how I can be any clearer in my warning about the pitfalls of this transit that will re-occur in 2016.

What appears perfect and wonderful may well not be, and that can include relationships.  Gambling and addictions are also issues that can be seen at times like this.

The higher side of this transit is compassion, creativity, and deep spiritual insight, but Neptune calls for sacrifice as opposed to ego. You can make this transit work, but you must use absolute discernment and keep your feet on the ground.

Finally, on September 17, at 10:47 P.M., Saturn leaves the Sign of Scorpio for the next 30 years and enters Sagittarius until December 2017, when it will move into Capricorn. This on the same day Mercury turns retrograde.

Saturn changing signs is a major astrological event, as Saturn rules our structure, responsibilities, gain and limitations in life and collectively.

Saturn entered Sagittarius for the first time December 24, 2015-June 14, from 0-4 degrees and we got a taste of Saturn in this sign. If you are an early Sagittarius, or mutable sign ( Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo, Pisces) Saturn has already conjuncted, opposed or squared your Sun, and you would have felt stressed, depressed and as though you are being held back in some way, which are the trademarks of Saturn in these angles. Or you could be affected if you have any planets in your personal chart at this degree being aspected by Saturn. 

The specific planet that is being aspected and its placement in your chart would determine the nature of the problem.

Collectively, we will be dealing with a whole new set of issues. While Saturn in Scorpio was about money/investments and loss, war (Scorpio's rulers are Mars and Pluto), intense relationship issues and sex (same-sex marriage also) and what we all jointly own, Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and considers the ninth house home.

Jupiter rules money and money runs the stock market. Black Monday  occurred the last time Saturn was at 16 degrees of Sagittarius.  So, in other ways we will still be seeing issues around money, religion (there is that word again!) or alleged religion,  laws, our outlook on the  world, education and many of our viewpoints will shift. We will have more interest in foreign cultures for a variety of reasons.

By November Saturn will square Neptune and many structures, things, and situations will shift and dissolve into something else.

Other transits of interest in September include:
September 1, Venus conjuncts Mars: Sparks may fly between the sexes, but sparks can led to fire if you are not careful. Money matters could come to the fore, or social issues.

September 5, the Sun trines Pluto and helps get to the bottom of any problem or issue easily.

September 6, Venus goes stationary direct!

September 8, Mars trines Uranus good for direct action, new actions or situations

September 9, Mercury squares Pluto: There is a need for mental activity this day. Thoughts and speech can be argumentative and obsessive.

September 22, Venus trines Uranus: Great for love, social events, meetings.

September 23, The first day of fall, the Sun enters Libra and sextiles Saturn: great for getting things done.

September 24, Mars enters Virgo and squares Saturn. This is heavy, frustrating energy that will continue for a few days. Mars-Saturn events are typically frustrating and connected with police and military events on a world level. Also, Mercury squares Pluto again.

September 25, Pluto goes stationary direct and many things will come out into the open that have been hidden and other things will move forward in many ways. As Mars is in an exact square to Saturn will likely see major events occurring.

September 30, the Sun conjuncts Mercury. Many people may seems willful and there is typically a lot of communication.


  1. Thank you, Leslie. I like the strong discussion about the potential for illusion and trickery and deception that come with the long-time Jupiter Neptune opposition. It's always good to be warned of such things, and to remember the warnings. Of course, climbing the spiritual ladder into sublime experiences can come with this aspect as well, and it's very good that some of us engage that, too. Most importantly, though, being on the lookout for being swindled is a great thing to remember and act on.

  2. yes, it is and back in the 90's I was once lied to and swindled on this transit!