Monday, February 1, 2016

February 2016: Moving forward again!

As we begin the second month of 2016 Uranus and Pluto are still in a square at 17-16 degrees of Aries/Capricorn.  The last week of January was tense for many as Mercury 'set off' the Uranus-Pluto square. If this aspected your personal chart, you experienced events that were significant and changeable.

The first weekend of the month, Venus will set off the powerful square once again, bringing significant change if you have cardinal planets (Cancer, Capricorn, Aries or Libra) at 15-17 degrees.
February 5, Venus in Capricorn conjuncts Pluto, and events will be large in the world and our lives. Venus rules money or women. Cruelty can occur, breakups, issues over money, sex and this can be a volatile and even violent transit in extreme cases. Of course, this won't be the case for most of us.
February 6, Venus squares Uranus and this can be changeable with money, love or your social life. For some, major changes will occur, and relationships can end. This can happen if it aspects your personal chart and you are in a relationship that is unstable. If you meet someone new on this day, it may or may not last as the nature of Uranus is exciting but not always stable.

This will be the last transit that 'sets off' the Uranus-Pluto square and while this aspect is still in orb throughout the month of February, the planets will start to separate, and this time they won't come back together for many years. The results however will continue to play out for months to come.

The square between Uranus and Pluto began in 2008, and has shaken up the world and our lives in many ways. It has not been unlike the last time a square occurred between these two planets in the mid-1930's when we saw the rise of Hitler and events that led up to WW11. I'm not saying WW111 is going to occur but the Middle East is in turmoil, China's economy is questionable, and we have more refugees than we have seen since WW11. And these are just a few of the consequences of this powerful square. Astrologer Mitch Lewis wrote in his newsletter, "the US is now the Divided States of America, and the dissatisfaction throughout our nation is at level not seen since the small skirmish in the mid 1860’s you may have heard of." I do not see that dividedness changing for some time, certainly not this year with a Presidential election.

2016 will be an unusual year with the Saturn-Neptune square. What you thought was absolute is not and this will be a year of surprises on many levels. As a collective we will realize that in many ways we have been mislead or not seen things clearly and many things will be revealed for what they are. In our personal lives some things will fade and morph into something else.

During February :
The Sun moves from Aquarius into Pisces.
Mercury enters Aquarius and moves forward full steam ahead.
Venus moves from the serious sign of Capricorn into fun loving Aquarius.
Mars remains in intense Scorpio, ruler of the 8th house of taxes, other people's money and sex.
The above are the fast moving planets that show us our day to day activities and focus.
Jupiter, the planet of luck and gain is retrograde in Virgo.
Saturn moves to the middle of the sign Sagittarius.
Uranus finally moves forward after being stationary direct since December. It is now more than halfway through its 7 year cycle.
Neptune is in the sign Pisces where it will meet up with Saturn again in the spring.

Other transits of interest in February:
February 3, Mars sextiles Pluto and this is a positive if not useful transit good for pushing projects forward. Also on this day the Sun sextiles Saturn and this is constructive and a great day for getting things done. This will be a welcome change after the last week of January when Mercury was stationary (not moving forward) all week continuing to delay our efforts.
February 5, Venus conjuncts Pluto, Relationships can be intense, and jealousy or obsessiveness can be a problem. The intensity of this can degrade or uplift. At its best it can transform in some way. There is nothing superficial about this transit, and sometimes things previously unknown can be revealed. If you ask a question or bring up an issue in a relationship be prepared to hear the answer, which probably won't be lightweight.
February 6, Venus squares Uranus, this can be erratic or exciting. Uranus is an unpredictable planet. The Sun sextiles Uranus and this lends support to new adventures or ideas. Mercury trines Jupiter and this is positive and expansive for new thoughts, ideas and conversations. This will lend an upbeat element to the day.
February 7, the Sun squares Mars and this is a fight waiting to happen. You or others may be agitated and act rashly. This energy can be energetic to the point of an accident if not careful. If you are aware you can sidestep this outcome and many negative outcomes of other transits as well. A great day for exercise or physical activities. Venus sextiles Mars and this is positive for romantic or social activities, or even financial matters, but the day will have an edge to it.
February 8, a New Moon occurs at 19 degrees of Aquarius. New moons are typically about some type of new beginning and this one falls in the sign that rules the 11th house of friends, hopes, wishes and the collective.  Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus, the planet of rebellions, wars and the unexpected. This Moon squares Mars which makes it generally unfavorable for dealing with women. Mars can instigate anger, burnout or you may seem overly busy. Being forewarned is forearmed, but as it is a new moon it will not be as intense as a full moon. Watch for accidents over the next few days. As this moon sextiles Saturn it is possible to direct this energy toward positive activities and get a lot done.
February 10, Venus trines Jupiter. This is a positive day for financial matters, love, or your social life.
February 13, Mercury enters Aquarius again, where it began its cycle January third and turned retrograde at 1 Aquarius moving back into Capricorn for the retrograde cycle. Mercury here is lighter and more concerned with 11th house matters-the collective, friends hopes and wishes, and not as serious. Mercury leaves its post retrograde shadow period on the 14th and its full steam ahead. Maybe now we can get back to the things that we wanted to start at the beginning of the year! We are in the Aquarius season.
Also, Mars sextiles Jupiter. This is positive and energetic for moving forward with new projects, money matters and friendships. Luck could be on your side today.
February 16, Venus enters Aquarius. Venus in Aquarius will not be as serious as Capricorn and love energy will become lighter and geared more toward fun.
February 19, the Sun moves into Pisces for the next 29 days. Great for Water signs.
February 22, a full moon occurs at 3 degrees of Virgo. Virgo full moons tend to make some people overly critical of themselves or others. As this moon opposes Neptune issues may be unclear and lack clarity. Know the facts before you speak, (or criticize others). You may experience heightened intuition or vivid dreams. As Virgo rules the 6th house you could be concerned over a health, matter or start a diet, or be absorbed in work.
February 25, Mercury sextiles Saturn. This is positive for getting things down. This is a down to earth transit for accomplishment.
February 26, Mercury sextiles Uranus. New ideas could be in the making, and some ideas could be brilliant!
February 28, the Sun conjuncts Neptune. This could be a day where issues are confused, lack clarity, or stability. Intuition could be good, and vivid dreams could manifest. A great day for a reading!
February 29, Venus sextiles Saturn. This is positive for love, social activities or friendship.  This transit can relate to people from the past, and is all around positive.

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