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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Meghan and Prince Harry have a Royal Baby!

Meghan, the (American) Duchess of Sussex, who is married to Prince Harry (UK), gave birth to a baby boy born May 6, 2019 at 5:26 AM at Windsor. Congratulations and welcome Baby Sussex.

The Baby has been named Archie Harrison Mountbaten-Windsor, and he is now 7th in line to the British throne.

Baby Sussex is a double Taurus

Baby Sussex is a 15 degree Taurus with a Taurus ascendant at 12 degrees, and Uranus in Taurus. With both the Sun and ascendant in the same sign what you see is what you get. Taurus energy is powerful with the Windsors, after all Queen Elizabeth is a Taurus (April 21), Prince Charles has a Taurus Moon as does Prince Harry. Princess Diana had a Taurus Venus, as does Prince William.

Taurus qualities include staying power

Taurus has staying power and is in things for the long haul. Taureans are Earth signs, who typically are imbibed with the patience to see things through. Stubbornness is the other side of Taurus and once a Taurus makes up his (or her) mind about something important little can change it. Taurus is ruled by the Sign Venus, the planet of love and beauty and those born under this sign typically like their luxuries, and fine things but they also typically like to get value for their money.

12th house planets are prominent

Uranus is the planet of unexpected events and disruptions, and with Uranus in this sign he will be part of a new generation born with the planet of unexpected events in this sign. The last time Uranus was in Taurus was the 1930's so baby Sussex is born into a time when they world will once again be grappling with issues of a Taurus nature, notably climate change, food production, and financial matters such as income inequality and other concerns that will occur before Uranus leaves this sign. Uranus falls in his 12th house, along with Mercury, Venus and Neptune and he will be a very private person, possibly reclusive later in life. With these placements he could be a deeply spiritual person, and/or interested in metaphysics, even astrology!

A moon in Gemini

The Moon describes our emotional lives as well as family, and Baby Sussex's Moon is in Gemini at 0 degrees. A moon in Gemini in the first house manifests as curiosity, changeability and a deep need to communicate and exchange ideas. He will have an instinctive talent with words. He will have a quick and adaptable mind and be aware of what is happening around him. Family will be of primary importance. The Moon makes no aspects to other planets and this can manifest as a feeling of disconnection in outer relationships or a feeling that one is not understood by the world. Unaspected planets can function either as strong talents or excessive, over compensatory habits. He may have a need to express caring or nurturing or even educational behavior to connect with the world. His Moon also points to his Mother, who as a former American actress, but is still an outsider in the Royal family. He will be very close to his Mother.

Mercury in Aries

His Mercury falls at 28 degrees of Aries also in his 12th house. He will think fast and act accordingly. He will keep many of his thoughts to himself. Mercury in this placement can indicate an interest in the spirit world or other worldly interests, or even some form of healing. He could spend a lot of time working behind the scenes.

His Venus squares Saturn

His Venus falls at 18 degrees of Aries, also in the 12th house and squares Saturn. Venus square Saturn individuals often have a more difficult time with love than others, but it also deals with responsibilities and obligations. Venus in aspect to Saturn can mean he will place responsibilities over personal happiness when he gets older. Venus also squares his Pluto. Venus-Pluto individuals have very deep feelings, and when they love there is nothing shallow about it. Their feelings can be intense and overly extreme. At times these individuals may wonder if they are really loved for themselves as Pluto can denote suspicion.

The Kingmaker transit

His Mars falls at 23 degrees of Gemini in the 8th house and opposes Jupiter. Mars-Jupiter is known as the 'kingmaker,' transit, and generally falls in the charts of those born into royalty.
Mars in the 8th concerns other people's money, and at times those born with planets here become caretakers of others money. As Mars opposes Jupiter in the 2nd house he will be financially fortunate, but could overspend. He will be strong willed, impulsive and daring much like his Father. He will be daring and tend to overdo things, and have great impulsiveness. He will crave exciting adventures and experiences.

Saturn conjunct Pluto

Saturn and Pluto fall in Baby Sussex's tenth house and they are both retrograde (along with Jupiter) which means the qualities of these planets are expressed inwardly to a greater degree. Pluto in the 10th denotes power and Saturn denotes responsibility. Anyone born with Pluto in the 10th will have a lifelong lesson in using power wisely. The 10th house rules the Father who often has a position of power or a government position. Natives with this placement receive help from powerful people and they are typically accepted by such.

People born with Saturn in the 10th are aware of having big shoes to fill. Their rise is not particularly easy and they can have a heavy sense the world is watching. Those born with Saturn here are typically in a position where they have to care what people think. Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn generates a theme of power and the abuse of power, which he will be confronted with as he ages.

The Saturn/Pluto conjunction is in the chart of anyone born during this time. Pluto rules the collective and this combination is indicative of a group of people who will be affected by and learn from the issues we are dealing with today, as it will remain in their psyche as they age: income inequality, concerns about big business, authoritarian leadership around the world, and other issues that will surface in the next several years. The last group of people born with a Saturn-Pluto conjunction were born in the early 1980's (Libra) and before that 1946-47 (Leo).

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