Friday, March 2, 2018

Sun-Neptune: Confusion reigns

The energy of the full moon is still strong today and this weekend. Friday morning-early afternoon may bring some stress/agitation as the Moon squares Mars. You may be busy. By late afternoon this energy passes.

As the Sun approaches its conjunct to Neptune it will be particularly strong Saturday night. The transit is exact early Sunday morning.
Many people are feeling some sense of confusion, disappointment, betrayal or lack of clarity as this powerful full moon opposed Neptune, and the Sun-Neptune square amplifies the energy.

If you aren't experiencing any of these feelings consider yourself fortunate and it speaks well of your own personal grounding. If you have a lot of Earth in your personal chart this moon can be a positive experience.
Confusion reigns with Neptune, misunderstandings are common, forgetfulness, getting lost and miscommunication of all sorts. Neptune can dissipate the energy and lead to self doubts or self criticism of all types, or even feelings of betrayal.

Overindulging may be pronounced over these next few days as well.
Sun-Neptune transits do not boost the ego, they often deny it, and those with low self esteem can suffer the most. Neptune can have to do with breakdowns in the immune system and rest can be called for.

We have some planetary help however with the Mercury-Venus conjunction on Saturday. This is a positive and upbeat energy that typically manifests in pleasant communication and social activity. My advice is to lean toward this energy!

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