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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Dissolving realities and changing times-the Mutable t-square of Summer 2016-where does the truth lie?

Saturn is currently transiting through the sign Sagittarius where it will remain until December 2017.

Sagittarius is the sign ruling the ninth house of education, foreign affairs and world view. Many of our views  and viewpoints will change with this Saturn placement both on an individual and the collective level.

Saturn is now forming a t-square with Jupiter and Neptune that will last through summer 2016. A t-square is a potent planetary aspect that combines the energies of three planets, all at the same time. We saw what these transits can do in 2015.

To go back to the start of these energies, Jupiter squared Saturn in Summer of 2015. At that time the planets were in fixed signs, rather than mutable and would have affected you if you had late degree planets in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius. One major event at that time was the devaluation of Chinese currency, and this transit affects the world economies and financial markets.

Jupiter opposed Neptune in September 2015. Both Jupiter and Saturn changed signs and the energy became mutable, or changeable. The news at that time was the Pope's visit to the US, and there was a great deal of attention on the refugee's in war torn Syria. There was a stampede at a religious site in Mecca that left 700 dead, the Iranian nuclear deal was blocked by the Senate, and the Taliban seized control of a major city in Afghanistan. US relations with Cuba were normalized.

Saturn squared Neptune in November 2015, and there was an organized ISIS attack in Paris, another attack at a Mali hotel. Just several weeks later there was an ISIS attack in San Bernardino, Ca.

So, as you can see major events occur in the world as these transits occur and May-June 2016 is the peak of the T-square involving Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter. And during this time, the energies of these three planets began to play out in our lives, especially those with planets in the early mutable degrees.

As events happen in the world, events will occur in our own lives. Most people are struggling in some way with the Mutable t-square, especially those with planets at 10-16 degrees involving mutable planets: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. This is difficult energy to harness, and most people I speak with are feeling the effects, one way or another.

Mutable planets are changeable-change will occur in whatever areas of your chart the t-square falls. This is not sudden and unexpected change like that of the Uranus-Pluto square, but rather slow change that occurs over time. With Jupiter and Neptune involved our challenge is to understand where the actual truth lies and how it affects us personally and as a collective.

Or to put it another way one reality will dissolve into another. Sometimes this occurs right under your nose. You wake up one day and things are different. Of course this is unsettling and disorienting for a time, and in many cases it is flat out depressing. Our realities will shift- especially those of us with mutable planets in our charts.

Many events and situations related to this square will become apparent before the square becomes exact and after. If this transit aspects your personal chart you should have an idea as to what it may bring by now. Seldom do Neptune or 
Saturn bring shocking surprises, but rather the effects of these planets become apparent, or should be apparent if you are paying attention to what is really going on in your life and circumstances.

While Saturn rules our structure, Neptune tends to dissolve situations over time. Structures, situations and relationships  may begin to dissolve into something else if this is aspecting your chart and even if it's not. As Neptune dissolves that which we consider our structure some things may come to an end, or we may realize things are not what we thought they were. In some cases we feel mislead.

During this period we could experience an uncomfortable time where situations, ideas or even people dissolve from our lives and the new has not yet emerged. The old will fade away to make room for the new but it will not happen overnight. This could affect any area of your life, depending on where this transit aspects your chart: which planet and what house it occupies.

The resulting changes  can cause confusion and lack of clarity, depression and discouragement for a time until the new replaces the old and you regain your clarity and confidence. The thing to do is to remember that life is ever changing, evolving and growing, and if something or someone you consider of value disappears, its time had come, and there will be things better ahead. 

Typically there are warning signs all along if you have been paying attention. If you look at the signs, this becomes a period that can be seen as the inevitable conclusion to an ongoing situation that was riddled with problems to begin with. If it is meant to last, you will go through a period of discouragement followed by renewal on a stronger level.

This transit can bring to the fore issues with addictions of all types, and the time may be at hand to get control of unhealthy impulses that deny real happiness and growth.

As Neptune squares Saturn you may experience some time of real emotional growth or deep awakening that can show you the truth you seek, or lead you in a new direction. It is after all, the truth that actually sets us free. With the truth you discover you can develop a new focus and direction. Never underestimate the ultimate illumination that the combination of Saturn and Neptune can bring. While Neptune rules the thoughts-either true or untrue- that run through our subconscious mind, Saturn brings reality home, and for some this can be a positive experience that can lead to a new and better direction in life and more authentic living. In November-December of 2015 this energy was powerful in the charts of those who had planets at 6-8 mutable degrees.

Sometimes Neptune transits coincide with lies, deceit and even false accusations. If this is the case, know this energy will not last forever and keep your faith in yourself, and there are time that it is good to remember that from a spiritual standpoint what is happening now may end a situation and lead to bigger possibilities with something else in the future that you couldn't have envisioned.

On another level this transit may help to give concrete realization to long held dreams and during this period they may take form after a period of time and through a great deal of hard work  and effort.(Saturn) The fantasies, (Neptune) or dreams you hold may be made into reality through the hard work of Neptune, and with work and persistence it is possible to combine the energies of the two into a concrete result.

That said, Saturn and Neptune don't easily mix. Saturn builds structure through hard work, while Neptune dissolves. Saturn tells us to work hard while Neptune dissolves situations and says take the easy way out or find an escape, so the two planets are in conflict. My advice, if you are trying to build something is to stick to the work, which will pay off in the end without cutting corners. Personal sacrifice is generally in order with Neptune transits, and Saturn can delay results.

There can be a spiritual element to this transit as Neptune rules religion, compassion and that which is hidden and unknown. Saturn can bring structure, where there as none and the new can be born on the ashes of the past. You may feel a desire to help others or be drawn into some idea or cause.

Let's take a quick look at the planets involved again, and what they rule:
Jupiter-rules young men, money, foreign people and places, expansion, finances, higher learning, education, medical issues. Jupiter in Virgo rules health and work, and is the most discerning of signs, but Jupiter in Virgo is considered at its detriment. Virgo is concerned with the details, and in this sign limits Jupiter's expansiveness. Have you heard the term can't see the forest for the trees? This might apply to Jupiter in Virgo, although details aren't always bad or wrong.

Neptune-rules dreams, illusions and delusions, drugs and alcohol , addictions, theater and TV, personal delusions, creativity, religion, inspiration, the sea and water, fantasies and things magical and enchanting. Also lies, deception, confusion, sometimes mental issues, psychics, mediums and artists or artistic expression. In Pisces, it is at home and very powerful.

Saturn-rules structure, limits and limitations, responsibilities, restrictions, and the lessons you must learn. Saturn is considered a karmic planet and it can bring good or bad depending on what it is doing in our chart. In times of sorrow or unhappiness, Saturn is always involved. Saturn is ruled by Capricorn.

Throughout May, Jupiter is opposing Neptune at 13-11 degrees of Virgo/Pisces. This is of course, the opposition part of the t-square that involves Saturn as well. What is the truth? This is the question you must ask in all important matters.

Dreams and premonitions will be common, and it can be experienced as an idyllic period in many areas of your life that could include finance, relationships, travel, philosophies, religion and ideals.
You may have a desire to make the world a better place or simply desire it to be so. This is a transit of idealism, and it may be a time that common and ordinary experiences do not satisfy you.

Your perspective could broaden in many ways but you may find it hard to distinguish fact from fiction and herein lies the problem.
Jupiter is the planet of expansion and it expands whatever it touches.  Neptune is intrinsically idealistic, but it is also the planet of confusion, delusion and lack of clarity.

Jupiter rules money, men (especially younger men), religion, education, law and lawyers, doctors, and expansion of all types so be aware of what you are doing in these areas.

Any ideas you become interested in at this time that can include religion or philosophies must stand the test of time before they can be considered a valid  part of your being as you could change your mind, or you may not be seeing the big picture clearly.

This transit can be experienced as very deceptive energy and what appears one way, may not actually be how it really is at all.

Situations could also arise through something being presented to you: an idea, promise, business opportunity, investment or even a new relationship that seems too good to be true.

If this is the case you should research the idea clearly leaving no stone unturned. It is not advisable to jump into a new business, investment or relationship at this time, or give your heart away to an attractive stranger that may seem too perfect to be true. Time is on your side, and if someone pushes you to act quickly, it is advisable to wait.

As Jupiter is in the sign of service/work and Pisces the sign ruled by Jupiter and Neptune/12th house ( secrets, lies, illusions) the deception may come in the areas of work/service, or through ideas, concepts and communications, religion, or philosophical beliefs.

Facts you were not aware of may be reveled at this time.

May 23-31, Saturn enters into an exact square with Jupiter at 13 degrees Sagittarius-Pisces. You could feel restricted in some way and some things may end. On the other hand things can come to a culmination and you could experience the more positive side of this transit: a job change, real estate transactions, or any other number of activities can occur, or come to a conclusion one way or another, especially if this aspects your personal chart.

June 5-19,  Saturn enters into an exact square with Neptune. Saturn and Neptune don't mix well. Things can be revealed at this time, and reality can strike home, whatever your personal reality is. This aspect is the type of transit that makes you wonder why you didn't see the issue all along. You can experience revelations that you may feel you should have experienced earlier. Saturn shows us reality, and reality is better than living under an illusion. Some things may end at this time, depending on where this aspects your personal chart.
Saturn will square Neptune again August 30-September 22.

June 2-4 a grand cross occurs, which is a planetary aspect that involves 4 planets and looks like an X. The Sun and Venus oppose Saturn and Jupiter opposes Neptune. A total of 4 (90 degree angle) squares occur along with 2 oppositions.
Major events will occur in the world at this time, and if this aspects mutable planets in your own chart, you can see significant events and change as well.
As Venus is involved we could see issues that relate to money, relationships, and love.

June 20-21 Mercury forms another grand cross, and again this will be a significant day in the world and in your life if this aspects your chart. Adding Mercury to the mix involves young people, communication and speech, travel, and this is a deceptive transit indicative of confusion.
 Many things will change this summer in the world in our lives. This is a major aspect that to some extent  will bring change to all of us. The important thing to remember as we navigate these stormy seas, is that if one things ends another will soon begin, as nature abhors a vacuum.

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