Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The astrology of a break up

Many people call me asking about potential breakups with their significant other. So many times the answer is yes, unfortunately it looks like it won't last. Many relationships (and I often say most) end, that aren't meant to be. Why is this?

If you are single, you may date a number of people before you settle on Mr. or Miss Right.  According to eharmony, most people do, or should date at least 12. So, if you marry the 13th person you date, that means most of your relationships won't work out! It's not a negative outlook! 

It's just part of the process most people experience.
Dating relationships often end. Sometimes callers refer to married people who worked through their problems and are still together. That's all good and fine, but the married people have something the individuals dating do not have. They have a commitment that is legal and binding.  

Couples who have been together for years, or live together may have a similar commitment. It takes a lot more to end a committed relationship than a dating relationship no matter how much you feel that you are connected to the other person. Often in committed relationships there are issues of property, money, children and families to name a few, and these can be the ties that bind, love or not.

But, it can still be a very painful process.

Using astrology, it is easy to spot potential problems that may lead to breakups when you begin dating someone.

How can this help you?  It can help a great deal to know that say, 3 months down the road there is a shift in energies that can lead to a parting of the ways. Or that your partner may meet someone else. Or even that the relationship may never really get off the ground, or that if it does, it will take time. Knowing the pitfalls that exist ahead of time, can lead to less heartbreak in the future, as knowledge is power. 

Should this knowledge keep you from dating the person you like? No, absolutely not. But, with this knowledge you can temper your feelings, and refrain from giving your heart away on the second or third date, until you can see what the reality of the situation will really be, and watch for it to unfold. This way you can end up happier in the long run.

The first step any good astrologer takes is to look at the compatibility of the two individuals involved. The greater the compatibility, the greater the chance of success, but that's not all.

The next step is to look at the current transits, which will show us the state of the individual's life, and what is going on, along with the state of mind of the person in question in terms of wanting a commitment (or not). You can be compatible, but not in a position to commit, or not in a frame of mind to do so. Financial problems can cause a person not to want a commitment, along with job problems, family problems and any other number of situations.

Typically breakups occur that involve the major outer planets: Saturn (restrictions), Uranus (sudden change), Neptune (illusion, lack of clarity and delusion), Pluto (major change beyond our ability to control).

In newer relationships with little interaction, Mars can be the culprit, retrograde Mercury or Mars, or even a harsh eclipse of full moon.

Timing is everything. Knowledge is power.


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