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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Mountains out of molehills

Mars squares Jupiter October 5, and the energy will be felt in the few days before and after.

This can be enthusiastic and optimistic and a time many things can come together but certain cautions are advised.

First of all, things can be blown out of proportion as to what they really are, and secondly egos can get blown out of proportion as well. Mountains can be made out of molehills. Carelessness and overconfidence can lead to problems later.

Some will want to show the world all they can do, and this is fine as long as the above mentioned is taken into consideration.

If you keep your perspective with this transit it can be a great time for accomplishment, and many thing may come together. It could be a time of great optimism.

But things will be blown out of proportion in the world and on the world stage. This includes the weather and the VP Presidential debate tonight in all likelihood. (September 4)

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