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Monday, October 9, 2017

Jupiter enters Scorpio October 10

Jupiter leaves the sign Libra and enters Scorpio October 10, at 9:40 PM, EST. The last time Jupiter entered this sign was October 26, 2005-November 23, 2006.

Jupiter changes signs every year and this time it will  remain in the sign ruled by Mars and Pluto until November 8, 2018. This will be a major planetary shift and change for us all.

Jupiter in Scorpio is concerned with 8th house matters: regeneration, other people's money, sex, secrets and things hidden and deep. We could see more interest in crime and those of a criminal nature. We could also see more interest and concern with issues like the sex-slave trade, and matters connected to other concerns connected to sex on many different levels.
Jupiter represents optimism, expansion and growth. Jupiter-Scorpio will be deep, and not superficial as Scorpio is the most intense of signs. Jupiter expands whatever it touches, good or bad.

If you are a water sign, or have water sign planets, Jupiter in this sign will trine your planets in Cancer and Pisces, and if you are a Scorpio, or have planets here, Jupiter will conjunct them. All of this is positive and expansive. If you are an Earth sign, Jupiter will sextile your planets, which is also expansive. This will be a positive change to look forward to.

Jupiter only enters your own sign once every 12 years. Jupiter in your sign (Scorpio) is typically considered a very positive placement, and you should see expansion in several areas your life, unless other transits are affecting your chart in a negative manner. Even if they are, there should be some planetary help with Jupiter in Scorpio. Never underestimate the powerful positive and expansive energies Jupiter can bring.

During this cycle of Jupiter we will value strength, willpower, and decisiveness. There can be a stronger desire to solve problems from the start. This can be a time for healing and improving and transforming your life in many areas, depending on where Jupiter transits your personal chart.
Jupiter will trine Neptune in Pisces during early December, then again in 2018 and this is a powerful psychic and creative bent. In 2018 it will also sextile Pluto in Capricorn, as opposed to the square we experienced in 2016/17.  All of this is positive, and will be far different from Jupiter's (recent) opposition to Uranus which is far more unpredictable.

Before the year is over, Jupiter will trine the Cancer  Sun of the US. This can only be positive, and perhaps some of the healing can start considering we have experienced numerous weather related disasters and tragedies. We can only hope, and this transit can only help.

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