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Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Sun meets Pluto: obsessions, power struggles and metamorphosis

The Sun conjuncts Pluto January 7, but this energy will also be felt the day or two before.

Pluto is the planet ruling ultimate change and transformation, control issues, obsession and power as well as sex.

Events will play out in the world and in our personal lives, especially if you have cardinal planets-Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, or Libra at 16-17 degrees.

Look to see struggles in the world, issues concerning power and control, the abuse of power, and potentially violence. There may be news about the media in some way. Sun-Pluto transits go beneath the surface to reveal what is really there, such as the Senate hearings on Russian hacking that we are seeing on December 5.

Sun-Pluto transits can bring change and transformation in a big way. This is not an easy transit and the energy may not be comfortable.

This transit is indicative of control issues and obsessions, power struggles, and some situations may end or break up at this time.

Sun-Pluto has to do with bullies and the abuse of power. This can play out in your personal life as well as the world.

Who or what do you control, or try to control? Attempting to exert too much control over something or someone can easily backfire at this time. In the end, we can only control ourselves and this is well advised at this time. Push someone and expect push back. Question things that seem like a matter of life and death. Are they really that important or is this a passing phase? Of course, the situation could occur in the opposite way and someone could try and control or manipulate you. There could be a feeling of 'forced change.'

On the other hand, this transit could result in some big change, transformation or new understanding, but the latter is more likely, and change would involve great maturity and patience. Are you up to this?

This transit could also result in some type of internal change. At times we all need to purge things, people or even attitudes from our lives to move on to a higher existence.

Sun-Pluto also deals with the breakdown of things, machinery or even situations and people that can break down as the Sun meets Pluto in the sky. 

But, Pluto has regenerative powers and things can be re-built in a stronger way. If something in your life does break down at this time, it must change for the better or end.


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