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Friday, October 3, 2014

Lunar eclipse in Aries: Unexpected events, changes, values and obsessions

The eclipse season is upon us and the first eclipse of October will be a lunar eclipse at 15 degrees of Aries, October 8 at 6:51 A.M., EST. Until then, the energy of this eclipse will increase before it actually occurs and events related to this eclipse will begin to happen in our lives and in the world.

This will be a powerhouse eclipse as it sets off the Uranus-Pluto square, and the moon conjuncts Uranus. Major events will occur in the world and in our personal lives. The last time we had an eclipse at this degree was October 8, 1995. If that period was significant, this one may be as well.

This eclipse will affect Libra, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn to the greatest degree or those who have planets in these signs from 12-17 degrees. As the eclipse sets off the Uranus-Pluto square events will be large in our personal lives if you have planets in your natal chart being aspected as mentioned above, and changes and events will be big in the world. Events and situations that occurred in April may come to the forefront again.

A lunar eclipse can reveal things previously unknown and bring situations to a climax or critical point. These situations are often related to our personal environment, home, security and those we are closely connect with.

Eclipses are most powerful if they aspect a personal planet in your own chart, and those affecting the cardinal houses-first, fourth, seventh and tenth are the most powerful of all, and Aries is a cardinal sign and the ruler of the first house of self.

Aries or the first house rules us-we, ourselves and our  personal desires and as it opposes the seventh house so it is also about them. It is a fire sign and fire is bright and takes control to be in charge. There is nothing subtle about this energy and fire people generally do not stop until they get what they want.

Relationship themes and situations of all types will be emphasized during this eclipse. This full moon eclipse is the companion full moon to the September 24, new moon in Libra, the sign ruling marriage and partnerships, as well as courts and laws. Relationships, money and our values are on the front burner of this eclipse period over the next several weeks. On October 23, we have a second solar eclipse at 1 degree Scorpio.

Full moons-lunar eclipses are times of high emotions as the Sun is in opposition to the Moon and at times your actions may be mirrored in others. Things and situations  can be released whether it be a person, situation or a negative habit.

As this eclipse (moon) conjuncts Uranus we may expect the unexpected in our personal lives and in the world. Moon-Uranus eclipses can make you feel edgy, bring about sudden endings or change and totally unanticipated twists and turns that can be shocking or liberating depending on which end of the change you are on. The Moon itself rules women, your home and emotional life. It is important to guard against rash actions, and don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

As this moon squares Pluto we may become obsessive and issues may arise. Moon-Pluto transits deal with obsessive feelings and desires, deep seated issues and Pluto rules the dark, hidden realm that exists in our subconscious mind. We could have a desire to create great change in our lives at this time. Pluto also rules oil, bullies, nuclear materials, the dark, and dark side of life and those who push their agenda on others. This brings relationship themes and sex to the forefront, along with money/finances, and issues connected with joint finances.

Venus-Pluto transits are indicative of jealousy, obsessive feelings and the potential for selfishness, and lack of consideration for the emotional needs and feelings of others, or you may feel that you are being treated with less consideration than desirable. There can be attempts to remake or reform others, and it is important to remember that change begins within, and the only person it is actually possible to change is oneself. In its most extreme cases Venus-Pluto transits deal with domestic abuse or rape and it is likely we will hear news of such in the world.

The second aspect Venus makes is its opposition to Uranus becoming exact on October 11. Venus-Uranus transits relate to breakups, changes in relationships and brings an unexpected element that is hard to predict and misguided actions are often the norm without really thinking things through. Some relationships will end at this time and others will go through roadblocks. If you meet someone on this transit don't expect it to last as Uranus can be a flash in the pan.

Mercury is retrograde at 1 degree of Scorpio and this can delay events connected with this eclipse. I have seen events delayed by a few days or a few weeks when an eclipse falls on a retrograde Mercury. As Mercury is in its retrograde station events/situations will take on more intensity and depth of feeling with this eclipse and surface feelings will not suffice.

As this post is written massive protests are occurring in Hong Kong over democracy, and a volcano erupted in Japan and this is indicative of the eclipse energy. The Aries eclipse falls on Pluto in Hong Kong's natal 12th house showing what world be considered 'issues,' and 'subversive activities,' which could include protesters challenging Beijing's control, and I expect to see further events around this eclipse. When the moon (eclipse) falls next to Uranus expect to see events related to freedom (from oppression) occur around the world especially its hot spots. Uranus is connected with revolts, revolutions and in some cases war. Who remembers Tiananmen square? Let's hope this is not a repeat scenario in any way.

Looking at the eclipse chart, set for Washington, D.C., the moon conjuncts Uranus in the seventh house of courts and open enemies, or those we know to be our enemy . Moon-Uranus can involve women who may be prominent in the news during this time, and there is an element of 'expect the unexpected' with Uranus. As the Moon rules the common people, the emotional state of the average person may be excitable, changeable or even panicked during this period.

Uranus lies in the 6th house of public health opposing the Sun/Venus in the 12th house of things and situations that are secret and hidden. We may hear more news that relates to national health, and situations will spread or increase quickly. The President acts in secret and some things will remain hidden during this time.

Neptune lies in the fifth house of children/young people, showing a focus here on children, children's places or activities. The fifth house also rules entertainment and creativity and places such as movie theatres. Neptune is linked to plagues, infectious diseases and the ocean.

With so much Uranus involved we may see unusual weather patterns and there is a greater chance of earthquakes, volcanoes and other Earth/weather related scenarios.

The two oppositions between Venus and the Sun and Uranus and the moon show the great polarity between the values we espouse and those of other people considered enemies. For example America promotes democracy and China/ISIS/Iran (and others) espouse a different type of government or life. We will see clashes pertaining to values and ways of life.

With Mars trine Jupiter there will be support for the military and we are entering into a period that can being new inventions and new ideas around this time.

My advice is to always go with the flow of the energy. If you feel compelled to make a change in your life for the better, now is the time to walk away from toxic situations and energies of all types. You can use this energy to propel yourself in a new and positive direction, but as Mercury is retrograde make sure you are certain of what you really want. If a situation abruptly ends in your life, know it was supposed to and something better is waiting around the corner. As long as there is life there is hope for good.

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