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Monday, March 30, 2015

Lunar Eclipse in Libra: relationships, unexpected events and ultimate transformation

The full moon/lunar eclipse is at 14 degrees Libra and occurs April 4, at 8:05 A.M., EST. Prepare for several weeks of intense activity as the energy of the eclipse affects us both before and after the actual eclipse.

Libra rules the seventh house of marriage, partnerships of all types, courts and those considered, 'open enemies.' The planetary ruler of Libra is Venus.

 For some of us, this eclipse will test the strength and validity of some of our most important relationships and they will become stronger or end. Libra is the sign most concerned with balance and harmony, but balance will be lacking in many respects. The result can be chaos and upheaval or deep seated transformation that changes your course. That which falls away at this time was meant to fall away, and this is perhaps the most important thing to remember about this full moon/eclipse. That which remains is meant to remain and could become stronger if it does.

A lunar eclipse is a time of change, endings and beginnings. The results are not always tied to actions or previous intent, but it brings with it enlightenment about the truth, and at times additional information is revealed. These changes can be drastic and connected with major endings of all types, or more simple, as in the case of a personal epiphany about something of significance that changes our course or gives us added information that becomes important.

This eclipse opposes Uranus, squares Pluto and sets off the Uranus-Pluto square making events that occur large in the world, and our own lives if it aspects your personal planets in your own natal chart.

This eclipse is all about relationships and partnerships of all types. 

Relationships, especially romantic ones will be front and center, but any other type of relationship could be affected as well-that could include work, friendships, business associations or any other relationship.

The Moon opposes Uranus and we can expect unexpected events to occur. 

Moon-Uranus transits are associated with freedom, and sudden breaks or changes that seem to come out of the blue. Most of the time however, tension has been building for some time, and this is a sudden release in a great burst of disruptive energy that may appear to come out of nowhere. Uranus transits are about freedom, and this is not the time to try and cling on to something that is unstable. Let this be a test, rather, to see if the situation has validity in your life. You cannot hang on to a person who wants to be free. You can however, change your own thinking, thus changing your own life.

The square to Pluto represents power struggles, and deep seated issues around sex, control and other buried personal issues and baggage. Jealousy, revenge, resentment, anger and other highly charged emotions can occur, and at times Pluto can signify the death or ending of a situation. Pluto rules death and regeneration, sex, control, manipulation, guilt and at times violence and obsessiveness. There is nothing light and airy about Pluto. Previously hidden issues can come out during this time and be confronted.

Some relationships will end, but the square to Pluto can at times have a transformational affect, allowing us to work through our issues and some will  have an ah ha moment and a desire to transform the situation into something better and stronger. Or we can suddenly realize something that changes our mind about a situation forever.

Relationships that are healthy may go through this period with little trouble, especially if this eclipse does not aspect your chart in a hard manner, but relationships that are uncommitted, troubled, new, uncertain,  on and off or continually troubled will be more likely to end at this time.

The effects of this eclipse will be powerful for a number of days, and events can occur both before the eclipse, during and the days following.

April 5 the Sun squares Pluto at 16 degrees of Aries-Capricorn setting off the Uranus-Pluto square. Sun-Pluto transits can bring compulsiveness, power struggles, control issues, issues around sex, joint finances and other important issues that can seem to concern life and death. It is best not to get too wrapped up in this energy in a negative way, but rather and search for the truth however difficult it may be to accept and move forward in a positive manner based on the new information.

April 6, the Sun conjuncts Uranus and we, or others can be prone to sudden and unexpected actions. We could hear or experience something unexpected, or be on the receiving end of such actions coming from someone else. We could experience other individuals as erratic, unpredictable and lacking in stability or we could feel this way. Edginess and irritation are common. Don't throw the baby out with the bath water.

April 7, Mercury squares Pluto and this is a negative transit for travel, and can be argumentative and obsessive. We can find out new information we did not previously know.

April 8, Mercury conjuncts Uranus and this can create mental changeability on the part of yourself or others. Situations can suddenly change or we can get unexpected communication, or make sudden and unanticipated decisions, or these decisions can come from others.

Also on April 8, Jupiter turns stationary direct and this is a significant movement as well. Typically Jupiter rules finance and expansion of all types, but it expands whatever it touches. If it is making a positive aspect it will expand the positive 'events' or energy for events and if it is in a negative chart placement it will do the same.

My advice is to leave for another day major issues in any type of relationships, if possible. If you push someone to far, they may be pushed right out of your life, or you may feel this way yourself. Either way, if this is the case, the Uranus-Pluto square is probably hitting your chart and it is time for change. Change is easiest for those who are able to gracefully accept it, and look forward to a brighter future. When one door closes, it only means another one will soon open. And the next door you walk through might be the best path for you, after all.

If you have been contemplating major changes in your life this is the time to move forward. All events connected to the eclipse and the Uranus-Pluto square are not negative. I have seen marriages, job changes and many transitions being made in people's lives that are long overdue, and have been positive. If you are contemplating change, this could be the time to take the bull by the horns, so to speak and move forward. this energy is conducive to change, and change works best if you are an active participant.

The Eclipse and the world
The theme of this eclipse is relationships and that extends to the relationships we have with others in the world. Courts, laws and those we consider our known enemies will come into focus at this time, and events in the world will be large and concern us all. We could see issues that involve women. Events that occur on this eclipse will be connected to the Uranus-Pluto square. Thus far, these events have concerned on been connected to the NSA, Edward Snowden, hacking and the internet, plane crashes, revolt and revolutions, political upheaval, earth changes and events such as earthquakes, wrecks, such as the S. Korean ferry disaster, political partisanship, and many other changes that will affect the collective.

This is a volatile eclipse, and I expect to see not one events such as the Plane Crash and the murder of 150 innocents in the French Alps.

 As the eclipse squares Pluto, this typically relates to violence and those who want to be in control. It goes without saying we are looking at the situation in the Middle East with ISIS and the other terrorist organizations.

Uranus brings unexpected and sudden events that are likely to be explosive. Explosions are likely and Uranus rules aircraft, lightening, new inventions, electricity, electronic media, hacking, the internet and all forms of electronic communications.

Earth related events and catastrophes are also possible.

This eclipse is conjunct the fixed star Algorab at 13 Libra. Algorab has the negative influence of Mars/Saturn and has been described as scavenging, destructive, repulsive, malevolent, lies, greed, injuries and suicide. note-the GermanWings plane that went down over the French Alps was being flown by a suicidal pilot, who killed 150 others alongside himself.

The Astrology King website published the following concerning Algorab, "some young Croatian Astrologers I have chatted with noticed that Algorab was activated during the attacks and assassinations of Croatian War of Independence (1991 to 1995), and also attacks and assassinations on journalists and politicians since that war. They called this star “Kill or be Killed”. Robson says of Corvus that it “sometimes causes its natives to become agitators”. I have looked back at conjunctions to Algorab and there is definitely a link to terrorism."

This eclipse is also conjunct the fixed star Merga, which is associated with Guardians, ministers of state, custodians, treasurers, force behind the scenes, hidden masters, economists, architects, designers. It is considered fortunate and said to have the influence of Mercury and Saturn.

This eclipse falls on the Saturn of the US Chart, along with the Uranus-Pluto square. Saturn represents the legal system, civil service and restraining bodies, police, authority and tradition, law and order. It lies in the tenth house which rules government and we will see issues that will concern these matters.

This eclipse will affect the chart of Vladimir Putin in a significant way, and falls on Mercury, Saturn and Neptune in his twelfth house (situations that are secret and hidden), once again setting off the Uranus-Pluto square and bringing major events to the fore.

Mercury rules communication and young people, and Saturn rules structure. Uranus opposing Saturn shows sudden and unexpected events, and Pluto-Saturn shows stress, plots and dealing with circumstances of a sinister nature. 

There can be danger from threats, blackmail, corrosion, financial concerns, struggle against perceived corruption, paranoia and fear of death, danger of death and ultimately damage to reputation around the world in the long run, if not already.

Yemen's chart is aspected as is the natal chart of Saudi Arabia. These are just a few of the national charts and one individual who is being affected by this eclipse. I name charts and individuals these because of their significance in world events as of late.

Lastly, I would like to point out that will this is a volatile eclipse setting off events connected to the great square we have been experiencing for some time. As the moon squares Pluto we have the possibility and in many cases, probability of transformation and change.  For example, with the crash of the GermanWings flight in the French Alps, the organizations that govern aircrafts and flight are going to have to take a deeper look at passenger safety, potentially saving lives in the future. The pilot is reported to be suffering from a mental illness and in the future this subject will be revisited once again in terms of society's responsibility toward taking these diseases more seriously.

Other significant days in the world are the ones mentioned in the first part of this blog, but I will repeat them:
April 5: Sun squares Pluto-power struggles, transformation, issues, bullies, Pluto rules absolute power, violence, transformation.
April 6: The Sun conjuncts Uranus-unexpected events, explosions. Uranus rules the internet, revolutions, weather and earth related events, new inventions, freedom.
April 7, Mercury squares Pluto-this is a transit involving propaganda, the news media, travel can be affected. Mercury rules young people, communications of all types, animals, vehicles and travel, obsession, news coming out into the open.
April 8, Mercury conjuncts Uranus-Mercury and Uranus can related to unexpected news, travel related events, aircraft, sudden news, not favorable for travel, agitation and discontent, changes in plans, explosive situations.
The Uranus-Pluto square is one of the 10 major cycles in human and world development that occurs every 31-50  years or so.

To think about this transit means looking at the big picture as this is a 127 year cycle in the world in its totality. The cycle begins in a conjunction (mid-1960's) and we are experiencing the first square after the 1960's conjunction. For example: the sixties saw the civil rights movement. Now, with this square, police killings of young black men have come to the forefront. So we are being shown the challenges of the 1960's have not yet been solved.

Astrologer Leyla Rael Rudhar divides the 10 major planetary cycles into three classes and stated: "She considers (the Uranus-Pluto cycle)  to sound the low frequency tones of evolutionary epochs, and develop their transformative themes."

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