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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Full Moon in Cancer: a grand cross and unexpected events

The first full moon of the year falls at 22 degrees of Cancer in the early morning hours of January 12.

Cancer rules the fourth house of home and family and is the most emotional of signs.

This is a big, intense full moon with many possibilities. It forms a grand cross, a configuration shaped like an X with two oppositions and four squares. A grand cross is a difficult and stressful configuration. This could be explosive. It will certainly bring unexpected events with Uranus involved.

The Sun is at 22 degrees of Capricorn and it opposes the Moon, along with Pluto. Jupiter opposes Uranus and the Sun. Jupiter squares the Sun-Moon. The Moon squares Uranus. Uranus squares the Sun/Pluto. The Sun/Pluto squares Jupiter. Jupiter squares then moon.

Major transits always play out both in the world and in our personal lives. In the world we will hear unexpected news and we could hear of explosions and situations that involve women, and the homeland, or other homelands (countries).

The Moon rules women and our emotional lives. Opposing Pluto, emotions could become dark, intense, controlling and obsessive. The Sun rules ego and it always opposes the full moon making situations more emotional, as does every full moon. Moon-Uranus transits bring emotional changeability, upsets and unexpected news or situations. Moon-Jupiter transits are typically not bad, but Jupiter expands whatever it touches, good or bad. It can expand a good emotion, but it can 'blow up' whatever is on the plate.

As Cancer rules the home and family, interactions here can become especially tense, and there will likely be a focus on family, or extended family. Home may be a focus one way or another.

As always, exactly how this full moon plays out depends on what it touches in your personal chart.

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