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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The Sun conjuncts Saturn: A critical turning point in time

Saturn enters Capricorn just before midnight December 19. We are now entering a period where structure, logic and reality will rule the time, with a focus on reality.

December 21, the Sun enters Capricorn, and conjuncts Saturn. With this transit we will experience a big blast of Saturn in Capricorn energy, and get a feel for what is ahead. This also marks the winter solstice, and the shortest day of the year.

Sun-Saturn energy can feel restrictive, and is all about work and responsibility. This is typically a low energy day and a time of restriction and limitation.  With the holidays ahead now is the time to prioritize and focus on what must be finished. December 22, Mercury will finally turn direct.

As this transit hits the 0 degree of a cardinal sign, it is considered a critical degree, and important events will occur. This also marks the point where in many ways we are moving into new territory.

Either way, we will feel the energy of Saturn in Capricorn in a big way and events in the world will play out to this effect. Saturn in Capricorn will be far different from Saturn in Sagittarius-ruled by Jupiter.

Venus will conjunct Saturn on Christmas Day, giving us another blast of Saturn in Capricorn energy.

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