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Monday, August 19, 2019

The Virgo stellium-it's personal

The current stellium of planets in Leo (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars) has begun shifting and a new stellium of planets form over the next several weeks in Virgo. Mars entered Virgo August 18, and it will be followed by Venus on August 21, and the Sun, August 23, then Mercury August 30. Welcome to the Virgo season!
While Leo is about drama, attention and fun, Virgo is an earth sign and the focus will shift to work, health and fitness. Virgo is the Earth sign of summer and marks the end of the summer season.
The fast moving planets(Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars)   will remain in Virgo through mid September and a powerful aspect called a t-square will start to form at the end of the month, and be active through the week of September 16.
A t-square is an aspect that involves three planets at 90 degree angles and their energies become combined. In this case, it is a mutable t-square which means energies are changeable, and many situations will be subject to change at this time. The significant planets are Jupiter (expansion) and Neptune (illusion, delusion and confusion) and each of the fast moving planets will clash with these two. As the t-square, or clash occurs it will set off the bigger Neptune-Jupiter energy. This creates confusion, delusion and decisions or issues around faith or spirituality can come into play. For some, it can be a highly creative and compassionate period.
Neptune and Jupiter are currently in a square and will remain so most of the year. This square distorts things and situations on a world level and a personal level.
A new moon falls in Virgo August 30, which is when these planets will get caught up in the t-square with Neptune and Jupiter. Three of these planets are in their home signs making the t-square very powerful.
Neptune is in the sign it rules, Pisces.
Jupiter is in its own sign, Sagittarius.
Mercury is in (one) of the signs it rules, Virgo.
As these t-squares occur look to experience tiredness, confusion and all things will not be what they may seem. It can confuse, and on a deeper level there can be some magic in the clash. You could experience significant dreams or intuitive, creative or spiritual experiences.
September 2-4 Venus becomes part of the t-square. This will bring relationships and money matters to the forefront. Venus-Jupiter is typically positive, but Venus-Neptune can indicate a lack of clarity in love, money or values.
Mercury is the second planet to join the t-square September 6-7. Look for the energy to begin to play out in the days before these dates. We can expect problems with communication (Neptune), tiredness, and unclarity or outright lies. Things may be blown out of proportion (Jupiter) and if they seem too good to be true they probably are. We could see water related weather conditions
September 8-10 the Sun joins the t-square. Egos may come into play and so can insecurity. Communication can become a problem, and the bigger the ego, the harder the fall. Question all communication as it may be unclear.
Mars is the last planet to join the t-square September 12-14. Action and communication may become confused and for some, the ego could take a hit.  This transit can lead to frustrated and confused action. The other side is spiritual, compassionate or creative action and my advice is to go in this direction as it is the more positive use of the energy.
How these transits affect you depend on where Neptune (Pisces), Jupiter (Sagittarius) and Virgo are located in your chart. By and large the effects will create confusion and blockages. If you can tap into the Neptune energy and still remain grounded you could have some unusual experiences as Neptune also rules spiritual awareness. Dreams may be very vivid. You will be affected to a greater degree if you have mutable (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces) in your chart at 14-18 degrees.
These transits will play out in the world as well as our lives. We will see issues about politics, religion or faith based issues, weather issues and unclear circumstances. With Mercury we can expect communication issues, unusual weather conditions, accidents, issues concerning young people and travel.
With the Sun, expect political issues, scandals, unusual weather conditions.
With Venus expect issues concerning women, scandals, issues about values and money.
With Mars expect political issues, aggression, unclear circumstances and the potential is for violence or volatility.

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