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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Mercurial energy changes as the planet of communication enters Leo

Due to its retrograde we have gone through a nearly 2 and a half month long season of Mercury in Cancer. Energy changes drastically when the planet of communication enters Leo August 4th.

We have experienced two retrogrades so far this year in water signs. Mercury was retrograde in Pisces February and March. This has given us a long period of emotional reflection and awareness and there are many things we should have learned during this time about our own emotional lives and those of others but now they way we think and communicate will change considerably.

 Leo is ruled by the Sun which represents us or our true inner self. Our perspective can become ego-centered (which we will see plenty of) or it can become focused on what our needs really are without being self centered toward others. At this time we have the possibility of focusing on what we really need and want. Mercury in Leo is a time to be your own best supporter, as well as those of others. The focus of Mercury over the next 2 weeks will be on what brings us the most joy, happiness and fun.

Mercury in Leo is more expressive, playful and dramatic than any other sign. While Mercury is in Leo the way we speak or even write can be designed to get others attention or simply get some type of rise out of someone else. Our communication takes on leonine qualities and the way we present ourselves and our ideas will be far more bold, expressive and direct. At best self expression can manifest itself in a creative and dramatic manner meant to draw in those who are most significant whether in love, friendship or business.

At worst communication can be too dramatic in nature and lean toward emotional outbursts rather than a creative expression of what we want. Take care not to let your conversation become too over bearing, demanding or provocative toward others. They same goes for being overly exuberant in your expression of emotions. Think about what you really wish to convey before expressing it. As Leo is a fire sign it may be hard to tone things down and come across in a manner that doesn’t overwhelm others. We can also expect a certain amount of gas-lighting and attention grabbing maneuvers with Mercury in this sign. But, all in all communication should tend toward being positive, upbeat and a little more playful if not enjoyable. That’s not bad in these overly serious times.











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