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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Venus enters the sign of inspiration!


Venus enters Pisces February 25th changing love energies once again. If Venus in Aquarius has seemed somewhat aloof, Venus in Pisces will be quite different as Pisces is one of the most romantic of signs. The planet of love, money and values will remain in this sign until March 20th.

Venus is ‘exalted’ in astrological terms meaning it is well placed in Pisces which is gentle, perceptive, artistic and emotional creating a great ambiance for love. Pisces is Venus’s favorite sign and love has no barriers here.

Now is the time to embrace romance, love, fantasy, creativity and dreams and Pisces is all about all of these things. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion as well as Neptune the planet that rules the imagination, our dreams and fantasies. Giving to others comes much easier at this time as Pisces is known as the most compassionate of signs, and our desires turn to focus on meaningful and deep bonds. Neptune frequently brings about a desire to merge with others on a very deep level. Venus is operating at its highest octave in this sign.

Now is the time to feel romantic thoughts and experience love at its fullest but we must also remember that since Pisces is co-ruled by Neptune, Venus in Pisces can also mean putting on rose colored glasses and failing to judge a situation for what it really is. Love can be grand, but we must also pay attention to warning signs that tell us the person we are interested in is not perfect or all in the relationship. This can be a fine line to walk; feeling the romance of Pisces and yet maintaining boundaries and a clear perspective. In other words, because Venus is in Pisces does not mean throwing caution to the wind. The desire to merge with others will be significant and complex but we must be careful just who and what we choose to merge with.

In the collective Pisces rules theatre, music, art and compassion and with Venus in this sign we often see or hear about new movies or art. We will be able to see compassion play out in the world at different times over the next month. Pisces/ Neptune can also relate to religion and when planets enter this sign we frequently hear some type of news about the Vatican or other religious orginizations.

Venus makes several aspects in March

March 3rd, Venus sextiles Uranus. This is a great time for any social activity and you may try something different on this day. Love and connections with others should be positive, upbeat and somewhat exciting. A great transit for a first date.

March 13th, Venus conjuncts Neptune. This can be a magical day for love and romance or it can also be a day fraught with confusion and misunderstandings. Neptune can make love (or money) matters unclear, confusing and misunderstandings can occur. Alternatively it can seem as though things are perfect but don’t underestimate Neptune’s ability to confuse or deceive. Keep a calm and objective viewpoint.

March 18th, Venus sextiles Pluto. This can give great power to the expression of love feelings and communication and can deepen a bond by talking things through.


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