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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Whistleblower Edward Snowden: villain, hero or doomed man?


Edward Snowden is contractor and former CIA employee who worked for the National Security Agency before leaking details of a classified NSA spy program to the Guardian newspaper, sparking an instant controversy and outrage over the US governments collection of American phone and internet records. Snowden is a 29 year old high school dropout who held national security clearance and made over $200,000 a year and his story reads like a John Grisham thriller.

Whether he is a hero or disgruntled CIA worker who plans on selling state secrets as has been alleged by certain politicians, at the time of this writing he is on the run.

Snowden was born June 21, 1983 in NC. The most outstanding aspects in his chart are two major oppositions in Gemini-Sagittarius containing a total of 6 out of 10 planets in his chart.

Gemini/Sagittarius rules the 3rd/9th house axis of speech and world view, law and governments. Snowden would have extremely strong opinions about speech, freedom of speech, and his own personal world views. As these transits are in the form of oppositions, his world views were destined to ultimately bring trouble from others, i.e. the US Government.

Snowden is a 29 degree Gemini with a Mars/Mercury in Gemini and a Neptune opposition to his Sun/ Mars, making him an idealist. He stated to the Guardian, " I don't want to live in a society that does these sort of things … I do not want to live in a world where everything I do and say is recorded."

Sun-Neptune transits often indicate an individual who desires to experience something out of the ordinary, and sometimes associates with unsavory types. Snowden stated he has spent most of his adult life as a spy. Many of these individuals (Sun-Neptune) spend their childhood with a lack of direction that did not clearly define goals, often including a lack clarity or rules and sometimes the Father is missing, or the relationship is not clearly defined or the ego is not strongly developed in childhood. But, they are idealists and dreamers.

After dropping out of high school Snowden had a brief stint in the Army lasting only 6 months. His idealism was apparent again when he said, "I wanted to fight in the Iraq war because I felt like I had an obligation as a human being to help free people from oppression."

These individuals can sometimes be lead astray by Neptunian type behaviors: drugs or alcohol, escapist or other self defeating behaviors, and they are often duped by others. They are generally sensitive types who find it difficult to live within the bounds of what is considered ordinary.

Mars-Neptune individuals are often found chasing a dream, fantasy or illusion and what better job description than a spy. Snowden identified himself as a spook to the Washington Post stating, "I've been a spy most of my life." He used the code name "Verax," in communicating with a reporter and placed a red hood over his head and his laptop when entering passwords to keep them from being stolen from hidden cameras, according to the Guardian. Fantasy or brilliance based on his knowledge of the spy business? Sometimes there is a thin line. In typical fashion of a Sun-Neptune individual his background is far from clear, even questionable and it begs the question: Exactly how did a high school dropout achieve such a high ranking position with access to government secrets?

Neptune-Mars individuals can feel oppressed and retaliate in covert ways. These individuals can lack follow through, employ deceptive means to an end and generally follow the beat of a different drummer their entire lives.

Obviously Snowden's views were strong enough for him to go on the record as being the person who leaked NSA secrets to the press, and face criminal prosecution, knowing he would be forced to flee Hong Kong where he was residing. It is likely Snowden felt a strong bond to the American ideal of freedom of speech and information as the USA natal chart itself has a Sagittarius ascendant that opposes Uranus in Gemini (the Sibly chart) and contains a Mars-Neptune square in Virgo and Gemini.

Some astrologers use the Gemini rising chart, and in that chart Gemini rules the ascendant, the sign governing speech. This chart too, contains the Mars-Neptune square that lies in the first/fourth house, describing the self (the people) and the 4th house or the 'home.'

America's chart defines its people as does any country's chart and many American's will view Snowden a hero. America is after all, is a nation of dreamers, idealists, freedom seekers and those who march to the beat of their own drummer.

His Mercury-Jupiter/Uranus opposition would intensify Snowden's opinions about freedom of speech, and enlarge his ideas about it. Mercury/Uranus individuals can be brilliant or scattered, and sometimes speak or take action without carefully thinking it through. Mercury-Jupiter individuals like to see the big picture quickly and can often overlook smaller details.

Snowden has a Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Libra. This transit often shows a great deal of tenacity and self discipline and often represents severity. Once an individual with this transit makes up their mind it shows incredible resolve and carry through. Sometimes this transit can also confer revenge.

Snowden's moon lies in Scorpio (time of birth unknown) and individuals with a Scorpio moon often have a brooding intensity that lies beneath the surface of what they present to the world. Scorpio is emotional, intense, secretive and these moons are often driven by deeper forces than they appear to possess upon first meeting.

Scorpio moon individuals generally possess penetrating insights and often have deep vision into situations but are not above thoughts of revenge or serious resentment. Interesting chart  for a self professed  spy.

It is no accident Snowden came to public eye as the Uranus- Pluto square was set off by Mercury, the planet ruling speech and communication. The Guardian has reported much more information will be revealed.

The May 25 eclipse in Sagittarius (natural ruler of 9th house of government and world views) conjuncted Snowden's Uranus-Jupiter conjunction (Jupiter rules governments) and opposed Mercury (speech) setting off his Mercury/Jupiter-Uranus opposition in his chart.

Neptune is currently squaring Snowden's Jupiter-Uranus and Neptune is associated with secretive and often sneaky actions. Jupiter-Neptune can represent an idealistic vision, and sometimes Jupiter can represent money as well. Snowden likely considered his actions a self sacrifice on the behalf of the American people.

It is interesting to note Snowden's Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Sagittarius opposes President Obama's natal moon. In a President's chart the moon would represent the people or the mood of the people.

The same May 25 eclipse, opposed President Obama's moon in Gemini which was being squared by Neptune, the planet of illusion delusion and confusion (and scandal). In the following days after the announcement of the leaks, Mars in Gemini opposed the President's moon and the ire of the people became apparent as it became known all electronic communications of the American people are being monitored. These planets set off a scandal with the President he may not overcome in months to come, as he campaigned on transparency in government. Of course this spy program has been tied to the Patriot Act passed by George Bush and Congress in 2001. Either way, there will be far more to come in the future, and this revelation is not going to fade away anytime soon for President.

Nor will Edward Snowden be a free man again anytime in the near future, and I look for a propaganda campaign to start smearing his reputation regardless of the truth. Chances are strong he will be captured or taken out by the US government or some other entity who has an interest in the matter in the near future. If he evades this he will live in a foreign country among where circumstances of life are beyond his control. (6-11-13 )



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