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Friday, July 19, 2013

Full moon and Mercury goes direct: making the most of the grand trine

Mercury goes direct on July 20, at 2:22 pm EST. Mercury reached its stationing degree of 13 degrees on  July 17, where it will remain until July 25. 

Mercury is considered stationary retrograde July 20-25. The stationary direct period is perhaps the most important time of the retrograde period (next to the stationary retrograde period) as things may begin to move forward again, but often direction is not yet clear and glitches can still occur and the direction of events and situations can change again during this time.

Mercury squares Uranus during this period (July 17-25)  at 13-12 degrees of Cancer-Aries. Mercury-Uranus transits can relate to computer, communication and transportation problems along with speech, travel and young people. You may feel nervous, restless, make mistakes in haste, or feel distracted. It is a transit prone to gossip, impractical ideas, lack of continuity, and impulsive actions. You may tend to change your mind frequently or unexpectedly.

Mercury-Uranus transits can produce sudden, shocking and unexpected news that seem to come out of the blue.

As Mercury goes direct ideas that may have been  in the works when Mercury turned retrograde may now move forward with brilliant inspiration at its best. This is erratic, abrupt energy that is difficult for many to handle or direct and will take effort to channel in a positive direction.

 On a world level we will see and hear sudden and unexpected news about many situations. The news is abuzz about George Zimmerman's acquittal and debate about Stand Your Ground laws, 20 children died in India due to contaminated school lunches and Detroit filed for bankruptcy July 18. These are just a few of the stories we have heard and there will be many more.

Mercury goes direct on the US natal chart Sun, representing the President and the government. There will be much debate during these days about important issues.

This is a critical period because  as Mercury goes direct it sets off the Uranus-Pluto square again, now at 12-9 degrees of Aries-Capricorn  bringing turmoil and upheaval to the world, along with major events that affect many people. You will experience important events in your life if it is setting off personal planets in your natal chart.

Mercury will continue to be in its post retrograde shadow period  until August 4. After this it will resume normal speed, and Mercurial events will return to normal until the next retrograde in Scorpio October 21.

The grand water trine can bring some positive energy to our lives and the world and this transit peaked July 17. The energy of the trine however will continue to exert its planetary influence over the coming few weeks. As Mercury goes direct, the time is now to act on your ideas and catch the positive wave of energy as it exerts influence. We will not see a positive planetary configuration like this again for a very long time. To make the most of this major transit  it is best to try and align with the energy of the three planets involved: Neptune/ (creativity, compassion and spirituality-Jupiter/faith, higher principals and expansion, and Saturn/structure and discipline) None of this is easy however with the other planetary energies exerting their influence at the same time.

July's full moon falls at 0 degrees of Aquarius on the heels of Mercury turning direct July 22, at 2:07 p.m. EST, and this is considered a SuperMoon.  This is a powerful moon and Aquarius is the natural ruler of the 11th house of groups and organizations and the collective. We will see and experience events on both a personal level and there will be concern with the collective we are all a part of. Perhaps it is time to look at things in your life in a new and different manner.

Aquarius is ruled  by Saturn and Uranus and this full moon/supermoon will embody those principals represented by the planets it rules: Uranus: freedom, breaking free, unexpected twists and turns and Saturn is the planet of discipline, structure, responsibility and in some cases repression or depression.

This moon squares Saturn at 4 degrees of Scorpio, and this can have a wet blanket effect, or bring responsibilities obligations and a dose of reality to the fore, whatever your reality may be. There could be endings of many types during this time.

Mars conjuncts Jupiter in Cancer on the same day at 5 degrees, also becoming part of the grand trine in water. Mars/Jupiter however, can bring drama, and situations may become blown out of proportion as Cancer is the most emotional of all signs, and Mars is considered at its fall in Cancer, meaning the energy of Mars does not work well, and in fact can work badly and actions can go eschew.

Mars rules action and men, and Jupiter rules religion, younger men, foreign people, laws, and police to name a few. This transit will bring situations made bigger than they should be, expansive egos, and some around you may seem to have an inflated sense of self-importance. It is a reckless and careless transit prone to bad decision making if not kept in check. We will see news of men, younger men, possible protests, and events involving governments and laws over the weekend.  

Even through Mars becomes part of the grand trine in water, it also becomes part of the Uranus-Pluto square adding energy to that volatile configuration.

Venus also enters Virgo where it is considered to be at its fall as well in this sign. Venus rules love, and we will become pickier and more critical with the planet of love in this sign (as well as more discerning if used positively) When the planets of love (Mars and Venus) are in signs considered to be at their fall, energy, and actions can become negative and produce the opposite of what it should, and this paints a picture of  love gone amuck, mountains made out of molehills, drama, trauma and much critical bickering and decision making.  Do things have to be this way? Absolutely not, although we will certainly see these energies play out in the news. Knowledge is power which is why I am writing this blog!

Venus opposes Neptune, becoming exact on July 26, and this transit can confuse love or money. If you are in doubt of a situation or things appear to good to be true, they probably are too good to be true! This is a transit of scandals, love triangles and con artists at work. If used creativity it could produce some beautiful moments as long as you don't take things too seriously,  or produce some serious creative energy. Compassion could be called upon.

The Sun also enters Leo at 11:56 a.m. EST on Monday, and Leo is the ruler of the fifth house of children and love affairs as well as the most dramatic of signs.

Three major bodies are at the critical degree of 0 on Monday-the Sun, Venus, and the full moon.

The 0 degree of fixed signs-the moon and the Sun signify that events occurring may have a permanent affect, and the 0 degree of a mutable sign-Venus-means events that occur can be changeable.

Look for Monday to be a significant day for many individuals and the world in general.

I was standing outside late the other night thinking about all of this and how it will affect things. The world is in chaos around us, but in the midst of it we have an opportunity to seize the magic of a major energy (grand water trine) that we have not experienced in a century. It will take discipline (Saturn) to stay focused but the magic is still there amid the craziness. It is up to us to grab the moment, focus and make it work for us!







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