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Sunday, December 29, 2013

January 2014: Setting new intentions, love and responsibilities

We begin the year 2014 with two powerful transits as the Sun conjuncts Pluto at 10 degrees of Capricorn and a new moon conjuncts Pluto at 10 degrees of Capricorn as well, setting off the Uranus-Pluto square that is changing the world we live in and our own lives if it is aspecting your personal chart.

Sun-Pluto is a day to focus on your New Year's resolutions, and you will have the willpower to focus your intent on what you want and perhaps carry through. This is a powerful transit and if your channel the energy correctly it can carry you a long way!

Moon-Pluto transits can sometimes reveal facts/situations, and can border on obsessiveness/ dredging up emotions from the deep subconscious mind, giving us a powerful will to carry through with whatever we wish to channel the energy into, and these two transits can create a deep desire for change and transformation.

On the other end these transits are prone to obsessions, power struggles and even rage. Issues can arise about joint finances, sex, and there may be endings that are absolute in some relationships and situations, and as both the Sun and the Moon square Uranus there can be an element of the unexpected. As the stellium in Capricorn opposes Jupiter, situations may be exaggerated or blown out of proportion. It is important to take charge of this energy as best you can and focus it on a purpose rather than let yourself fall into an obsessive mood or frame of mind. It's all in how you handle the energy. This is a powerful few days, before and after. Do you want to take charge, or be a leaf blowing in the wind? My advice is to take charge of this powerful planetary mix and focus your intentions.

As this transit and new moon set off the Uranus-Pluto square expect to see big events play out in the world as well. Pluto rules oil, nuclear weapons, power and corruption, big business, media, bullies, sex-rape and rage/violence. In the past year we have seen issues concerning the NSA come to light each time this square is set off.

Love and money take a front seat as Venus is retrograde throughout January and this can throw a wrench into the love lives of some. If your relationships has been tottering on the edge, it may end during January. Divorces are common during this period, breakups, but some may re-connect.

Venus in Capricorn is neither lighthearted or exuberant as Capricorn is ruled by Saturn the planet of duty, responsibilities and commitment. Situations concerning love will involve a serious look at responsibilities involved and duties involved and commitments may win out in the end or be a part of the bargain. Those in committed relationships may chose to stay during this period unless the situation is intolerable. Obligations-commitments taken on during the Venus Capricorn period may have enduring qualities that will last.

If you begin a relationship during this time, it may change when Venus goes direct January 31. It is said that love is often never fully expressed if a relationship begins during this time, but it is a period problems may be worked out and serious change takes place that can lead to a resolution of issues or an ending in existing relationships.

If Venus goes stationary direct at 13 degrees of Capricorn on a personal planet in your natal chart it may have a powerful effect on your love life-good or bad, depending on the aspect.

I tell clients the karma of a relationship often plays out during this period, and whether or not the relationship will survive or move forward becomes known during a Venus retrograde period.

As Venus enters its stationary direct period January 28, it becomes part of a T-square involving Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus.

January 28-Febuary 6, Venus is conjunct Pluto. This transit is indicative of obsessive feelings and desires. Sexual issues may arise and we may hear news of rape or violence-obsessiveness toward women during this time.

This configuration (Venus and Pluto) opposes Jupiter at 12 degrees of Cancer, and squares Uranus at 9 degrees of Aries. Venus opposing Jupiter is overindulgence, social boredom, and Uranus brings an element of the unexpected.

Jupiter-Pluto tend toward a 'might makes right' attitude and there may be conflict concerning social-moral issues, with little flexibility among individuals and extreme or fanatical ideals/concepts involved .

Jupiter-Pluto is a powerful transit that on a world level tends toward extremism, and the potential for war and terrorist activities. This transit last occurred late July-August of 2013 when the world was focused on Syria's chemical weaponry. As Jupiter is a financial planet we may see issues in the world financial markets.
Other transits of interest include:

January 2-3, the Sun squares Mars and this is a transit prone to irritation, but can be experienced as energetic and as Mercury opposes Jupiter, situations may be exaggerated.

January 5, the Sun opposes Jupiter. This tends toward overindulgence and exaggeration of situations-events.

January 6, Back to work as Mercury sextiles Saturn a transit of business and practical accomplishment-conversations.

January 7, Mercury conjuncts Venus and this is a transit of social interaction and pleasantries. Good for business.

January 8, Mars squares Jupiter for the first of several times- Situations can be blown out of proportion, a tendency to take too much for granted, lack of moderation and recklessness.

January 11, Venus sextiles Saturn-events and people from the past, practical accomplishment, the Sun conjuncts Venus-social/love interaction, pleasantries, Sun sextile Saturn-practicality, and Mercury enters Aquarius. Mercurial energy changes, leaving practical and dutiful Capricorn and takes on a broader and more expansive, if not lighter energy for the next few weeks.

January 15, the full moon occurs at 25 degrees of Cancer at 11:52 p.m. EST. Cancer is the most emotional of signs and emotions may be running high. Cancer is the natural ruler of the 4th house concerning the home, family and foundation. As this moon opposes Venus, issues may crop up concerning money, women, love and relationships.

On the heels of this full moon, January 16, Mars squares Venus for the first of several times, and this concerns issues that will arise between the sexes. As Venus is retrograde there may be lovers quarrels, or breakups. Issues about money can crop up as well.

January 17, Venus sextiles Uranus and this is a positive, expansive transit good for love, social activity.

January 19, the Sun enters Aquarius and we enter the "fixed" period of winter. Energy changes, becoming lighter than Capricorn and focused on 11th house matters: groups, friends, hopes and wishes. With 2 planets in Aquarius we are in the Aquarius season!

January 24, Mercury trines Mars and this is an energetic, active transit good for all communication.

January 29, the Sun sextiles Uranus. Great for new ideas, getting a reading. A positive transit!

January 30, a new moon falls at 10 degrees of Aquarius. As it sextiles Uranus, this is the day for new ideas and an expansion of the mind. Get together with friends!

January 31, Jupiter opposes Pluto, exact. (see above paragraphs), Mercury enters Pisces, once again changing Mercurial energies, and Venus goes stationary direct at 13 degrees of Capricorn. Now the fun starts. Situations involving love may change or alter in some ways (or move forward again) but Venus will remain in a shadow period until March 4, when things get back to normal.

Mercury enters its shadow period January 22, and will go retrograde on February 6, at 3 degrees of Pisces.


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