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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Telling it like it is

Mercury enters Sagittarius November 4, at 9: 42 EST, and Sagittarius is the sign of big, bold and extreme (sometimes blown out of proportion) ideas and styles of communication. Mercury rules our thinking and speaking, leaving now the intense and brooding sign of Scorpio for something bigger, brighter and at times, not exactly grounded.

Sag's are known for speaking the truth, at least the truth as they see it. Mercury is considered at its detriment in Sagittarius and the problem is this can translate into 'uncensored,' and the truth may set you free, in ways you did not intend. In other words you or others could lack tact.

The downside is you may need to censor your speech before it comes out of your mouth and the upside is your ideas may be bigger, more flamboyant and more novel than any other time.

Sag's are known for being quick witted and thinking on their feet.

Everything begins with an idea, and now is the time to let your mind expand (9th house) and see how far it can take you.

Being born with Sagittarius in Mercury means you mind is alive with new ideas, concepts and visions. There are the best of conversationalists and always looking for a new vision. They are gifted in science, the arts, as educators, activists, sometimes lawyers and debaters, and are always looking for the next mental adventure.


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