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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Jupiter-Pluto: will terrorism raise its ugly head?

As we approach months end January 2014, Jupiter opposes Pluto, becoming exact January 31-Feburary 4, and this transit remains within orb (meaning the planets aspect each other creating events) from the time of this post through April, becoming exact the third and final time April 17-24, 2014, when it becomes part of a grand cross that also involves Uranus and Mars.

Jupiter-Pluto transits generally bring to the fore individuals who have an agenda to push and believe they are right about something. They often embody a 'might makes right,' attitude.  This will inspire many people who are not terrorists to find themselves at war as well, in many areas of their life. This transit relates to obsessive or fanatical behavior and makes some unwilling to hear any other viewpoint, and anyone can encounter this type of individual in their life, or react in this manner. They may be inspired by religion or idealistic reasons, and often overlook critical facts. There are many forms of terrorism: internet bullying, domestic abuse, or bullying period, which is a form of terrorism that may not involve police or military actions except in the most extreme cases.

But, on the world stage this transit relates to terrorism, terrorist activities, and the thoughts of war or military actions, often for idealistic or even politically based reasons. (politics are always based on ideology, after all).

Add to this mix Venus, as she conjuncts Pluto at 13 degrees of Capricorn, January 28-Febuary 6 and you add to the scheme of things the possibility of females being either the victim or the perpetrator of crimes and terrorism, as I have published in other newsletters and have spoken about on radio. Pluto-Venus is typically associated with violence toward women or even rape.

At the time of this post authorities are searching for 'black widow,' terrorists,' or women who have been recruited to commit terrorist actions during the Olympics in early February that take place in Russia. According to news reports on January 22, a senior militant leader was killed during a gun battle with Russian security forces as they hunted three Muslim women dubbed “black widows.”.

Astrologer Nicholas Champion relates Jupiter-Pluto to the rise of international terrorism and the development of both political and plutocratic power in the world. The last time this transit occurred July-August of 2013, the US and other Western Countries found themselves at odds over Syria, and the proposed destruction of its vast cache of chemical weapons, and the US considered an air strike.

US embassies were closed across the Mideast as well during this period. January 21, the BBC reported the discovery of at least 11,000 bodies of victims tortured to death and starved by Syria's regime. There will no doubt be more to be reported over this gross act of crimes against humanity.

This transit falls on the Sun in the US natal chart, so the US will be affected by the Jupiter-Pluto configuration. In mundane astrology, the Sun in the US chart represents the President. As the natal Sun lies in the 7th house (Sibley chart) there may be challenges from those considered enemies of the United States. Jupiter conjunct the Sun may provide some measure of protection.

In the other US chart sometimes used (Gemini rising) Pluto is opposing the Sun from the 8th house of death, and international finance. There may also be some swings in the financial markets during this period, and women's health and reproductive issues may  be in focus again. Astrologer Nicholas Champion states this transit also has to do with patterns in economic cycles. In all likelihood this will manifest as a situation/crisis that involves the nation's debt limit.


The winter Olympics are held February 7-23 in Sochi, Russia. Looking at Russia's natal chart Pluto (and Venus through 2-12) are within 1 degree of being conjunct Uranus in the 5th house which rules games, pleasures, entertainment, sports, theatres, young people, social functions and high society.  Jupiter is opposing Pluto-Uranus(and transiting Venus) in the natal chart. It is not a question of if the Olympics are safe from terrorist activities: they are not. It is rather a question of can a terrorist activity be prevented from happening during the Olympics. Again, women figure into this configuration.

 In Russia's chart Saturn is conjunct natal Venus-Pluto at 22 degrees of Scorpio in the 4th house-the homeland. Saturn-Pluto is a dark, stealthy and ruthless energy, but can also represent a tight if not repressive security force.

Mercury goes retrograde on February 6, at 3 degrees of Pisces, conjunct Neptune and this will be a confusing transit and period. It opposes the moon in Russia's chart showing a restless, if not agitated population and a focus on women. Events may be unclear at this time as well as communication. This is likely to be a confusing and disorienting few days as the Olympics begin, and a critical first week. Other critical days are February 11, and the days before and after the full moon on February 14.

This cycle will bring an emergence of terrorist related activities or the results of such activities, just as it brought a near attack on Syria by the US in summer of 2013. Attempted terrorist activities are not limited to the winter Olympics. This will be a test of intelligence and security forces, and no doubt a time of high stress that will not complete until after the grand cross in April.


Treasury Secretary Jack Lew on Wednesday sent a letter to House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) warning that the country would likely exhaust the extraordinary measures used to stay beneath the debt limit by late February. In a previous letter to Boehner, Lew had projected the deadline might not be hit until early March.

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