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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Venus turns direct: Powerful days - Obsessions, drama and changes in love and money


Venus turns direct January 31, 2014 after a six week retrograde period in the sign Capricorn at13 degrees. Venus retrograde periods often coincide with major changes in love relationships. Some relationships end and for others, this means a period of re-thinking and working out issues that need to be resolved to move ahead. The most important part of the retrograde is generally the stationary retrograde period where Venus appears to reverse direction, and the stationary direct period which will be from January 28 until February  5. Venus officially goes direct  January 31, at 3:49 p.m,  EST. At this point further changes can yet occur. Venus will remain in its shadow period until March 4.

Venus rules women, love, beauty and money and during the next several weeks many will be dealing with one or several of these issues. Venus is conjunct Pluto, and this conjunction is opposing Jupiter. I have already written about what this transit will mean on the world stage, but this will also affect us on a personal level.

The next 10 days may be a pivotal point  if Venus, Pluto and Jupiter are aspecting a personal planet in your chart. If so, this means you have a cardinal planet-Aries, Capricorn, Libra or Cancer at 12-15 degrees or so in your personal natal chart. This can be negative or positive depending on how it is aspecting your chart, but situations may change in a powerful way over the next 10 days or so regarding love and money.

Venus conjunct Pluto at its highest can lift you up and empower and motivate you to make positive changes in your life and/or relationship. At its lowest, it can be an obsessive time full of angst, drama, jealousy and even degradation. This transit may also relate to changes in money or job situations.

Venus opposing Jupiter can relate to overindulgence in many forms that can include alcohol, substances, sex or financial matters. You may be inclined to enjoy life and take it easy rather than work hard.

Jupiter opposing Pluto can be the culmination of a long drive to achieve something on the positive side. It can however, result in taking too much for granted or the autocratic promotion of personal beliefs or you can be exposed to others with this attitude. Conflict over money can occur, or you may overreach yourself in some manner if not cautious.

And finally Venus is square Uranus in Aries and this forms a T-square setting off the Uranus-Pluto square once again, and this can be a major point in time of change. Situations are still fluid at this time, and for some major events and changes will occur and we will see situations that play out on the world stage during this period as well.  But, for whatever change that may occur in your life, it could be tested for validity when Mercury turns retrograde on February 6.

 Again, exactly how these transits play out depend on how they are aspecting your own natal chart. These are powerful days that can being major changes in your relationships and money matters. My advice is to try and harness the energy and move forward, especially with the new moon energy which will last until the next full moon on February 14.

A powerful new moon occurs on January 30 at 4:39 p.m. EST, at 10 degrees of Aquarius, and according to Richard Nolle who coined the phrase 30 years ago,  this is one of 5 Supermoons in 2014. This moon will affects the tides more so than others as it is closer to the earth, and in all ways will be more powerful. The days leading up to the new moon are the dark of the moon when there is little light reflected which is the strongest period psychically and our longings and desires may make themselves known and there can be a shift inward.

This moon trines Uranus bringing inspiration and sudden insights with it. Listen to your inner voice and perhaps you will find solutions to old problems along with new answers as the sign Aquarius is about freedom, and looking at all things in a new light.




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