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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Solar eclipse in Taurus April 29: the (new) age of materialism


April's solar eclipse falls at 8 degrees 52 minutes of Taurus April 29, 2014 at 2:14 a.m., EST and on April 28, 11:14 p.m., PST.

The Taurus/Scorpio axis represents the second/eighth houses of money and wealth along with security and this will be a theme of this eclipse.

The grand cross is ushering in a new area and we may not see all of the events and changes in the world for a while or weeks to come. We have seen many events occur and most of us have felt or experienced the stressful energy in some way, personally, especially the cardinal signs.

Not all events relating to the grand cross will be negative, and it will bring in revolutionary ideas and events, unexpected twists and turns and allow us to go in new and different directions. Eclipse energy is not easy however, and this eclipse will set off more events.

While the lunar eclipse of April 15 affected Cardinal signs, this eclipse will have more of an effect on the fixed signs-Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus and Leo, or those who have fixed planets in their charts.

The eclipse chart is set for April 29, Washington, DC.

The ascendant of this chart is Aquarius at 5 degrees, the sign of the people, groups and the collective as was the lunar eclipse.

Neptune lies at 6 degrees Pisces in the first house showing issues surrounding water, oceans, gas, oil and perhaps  even chemical weapons and gasses of different types. Neptune rules oil and according to Nicholas Champion, also rules war: "Because of its associations with confusion and delusion Neptune can rule war, and in this respect shows very strongly in the chart of fascist Italy  where the main motive for war was national glory, and where the main result was confusion. Neptune also rules scandals, the results of confusion and deception."

Neptune in this position shows the suffering of large groups of people, which is pretty much a given at this time in the world, one way or another. It also casts a shadow of secrecy-deception over this chart, and events that are occurring during this period.

The Sun represents the President and government and is conjunct the Moon and Mercury in the third house of communications which will be vital and important. Mercury is opposing Saturn  in the ninth house of foreign relations showing us stern, communication with little compromise when it comes to foreign entities. The Sun, Moon and Mercury are supported by Pluto in the twelfth house of secrets and Jupiter in the sixth house ruling workers, trade unions, the military and national defense, national health and health workers.

The third house also represents trade (trading partners), roads, neighborhoods, railways, telephones, schools, postal services, newspapers, computer terminals, television, freedom of speech, official announcements, the education system and neighboring countries as well, and there will be a focus on third house matters. Accidents of many types, even earth related events are possible with this chart and situations that could involve young people.

Pluto is directly opposing the US Sun in its natal chart, and this shows us there will be ferocious, malevolent opposition to the US and its policies . Uranus is square the US Sun bringing change and unexpected events and with Jupiter conjunct this shows a desire for expansion of US ideals.

In President Obama's chart this eclipse, along with the Sun and Mercury oppose Neptune in his 9th house of foreign relations. This shows a confused, muddled or deceptive situation. Mercury square his Sun showing a battle of words and possible concern over transport and younger people. Neptune will oppose  his Pluto throughout the spring/summer showing a convoluted, deceptive and lengthy period of trial with those known 'open enemies.'

The ruler of the eclipse Venus, lies at 25 degrees of Pisces trine Saturn showing wealth and national wealth.

According to astrologer Jude Cowell, this eclipse sets off the 1881 natal horoscope of the Robber Barons, " those plutocrats whose progeny, both biological and philosophical, continue to lord it over the American people as if plutocrats are monarchs--you know, the 1% of wealthy elitists in the US, many of whom owe their power and extreme wealth to ancestors whose vast fortunes were made or increased during the last 20 years of the 19th century: Carnegies, Rockefellers, Morgans, etc, with the Rothschilds hiding behind the velvet curtain of privilege as well."

Cowell writes, " Mercury @12Tau31 is nearby in 3rd house of Communications, Transport, Neighborhoods, Siblings, and Early Education. Mercury, the Orator, also conjoins deceptive Neptune in the 1881 chart in which Neptune rises indicating conditions out of control and possibly water, oil, and/or gas issues with a potential for poisonous conditions.

Since we already have toxic conditions in West Virginia, North Carolina, and elsewhere, we may expect the April 29, 2014 to bring these concerns even more front and center with hopefully no further environmental catastrophes to deal with."

The third house deals with transport and transportation and I heard an interesting commentary  on NPR discussing ranchers aversions in the Midwest to the transportation of tar sands across America by rail, recently.

Mars is still opposing Uranus from the eighth house of taxpayer money, death and transformation, and the eighth/second house of this chart is in focus (money, wealth, income, death) along with the third/ninth houses, and twelfth/sixth. The twelfth house deals with secrets, elements of a subversive nature, and the Jupiter-Pluto opposition represents those with an agenda to push, the rise of terrorism and individuals who believe they are right about something.

On a side note, with the search for MH370 in the Indian Ocean, I believe an effort will begin to map the oceans of the world, and this will lead to many new interests, developments and even companies that will emerge as leaders in this endeavor.

Taurus is about the earth, rich pleasures and represents the peak of spring. Perhaps now is the time to take a moment to relax and enjoy amid the chaos. After all, this moment will never return again.



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