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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Full moon in Scorpio May 14: Intensity, obsessions and drama

This month's full moon occurs at 24 degrees of Scorpio at 3:16 p.m, EST May 14. Scorpio is the natural ruler of the 8th house of joint assets, security, other peoples' money, sex, death and transformation. This full moon sets off the 8th-2nd house axis of money, earned income, joint assets and had to do with the way people feel in relationships. It is the most intense of signs, and it is transformative.

Being the most intense of signs means that feelings can go either way: If its good, it's really good, if it's bad, it's horrible.  Scorpio is also the most secretive of the signs, and being a fixed sign its stubborn and decisions made at this time can be permanent. Passions will be inflamed for many during this period, and secrets can be revealed.

You could experience transformation on a big or smaller level, depending on what else is happening in your personal chart at this time.

Venus squares Pluto on this full moon, increasing the intensity, and for some this will become obsessiveness if not careful. Venus-Pluto relates to issues connected with love and money, sex, drama, bullies, and at its worst is an aspect of emotional or sexual abuse in some form, or bullying.

Venus is opposing Mars at the time of this post (5-12) will square Pluto May 14, and conjuncts Uranus 5-15 creating a kaleidoscope of  relationship feelings and situations. Some situations may end altogether if they are tottering on the edge.

This full moon along with Venus will set off the grand cross, meaning events in the world may be large and if Venus is aspecting something in your chart your personal life could be affected in a large way. for this to occur you would have personal planets at 12-16 degrees of Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn.

I would not be surprised if we do not hear news of the kidnapped Nigerian school girls. Otherwise we will hear news of relationships, scandals and Venus-Uranus can affect the financial markets.









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