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Monday, May 19, 2014

Mars turns direct, Jupiter trines Saturn: Seize the moment

Have you noticed over the past few months things and situations not moving along as fast as you had hoped? Some have seen changes in business situations, plans, relationships even personal dreams that have seemed to fizzle out since the first of the year. Retrograde Mars is often no laughing matter, and it turns stationary direct May 19, at 9:31 p.m., EST.

Mars has been retrograde since March 1, and this period always coincides with low energy, frustration and aggravation, delays and the 'fizzling out,' of things that have not been based on a strong enough foundation, or simply not meant to work out for whatever reason.

For others there has been a reconnection of things and people or ideas from the past, and a reconsideration or change in hopes and wishes.

Since Mars is at its detriment in this sign, relationship issues have seemed needier for some, and many relationships have ended. For those who have met a new love interest on around this retrograde Mars period, the test of the relationship will come as Mars turns direct and moves forward. Relationships that begin on a retrograde Mars often change as the planet of action turns direct.

This represents a powerful transit, especially if it is aspecting a personal planet in your own natal chart. Mars in Libra will aspect Aries, Cancer, Capricorn and Libra planets between 7-11 degrees. It can be good or bad depending on what the aspect is and what else in your chart.

On the world stage we could see an escalation of military affairs and situations that have been out of view or not on the news for a while. Many situations in the world will be affected and of course the only thing we can gauge it by is the news.

Either way life is moving forward now.  As Mars turns direct, the stationary direct (and retrograde) periods are the most powerful. The stationary direct period is when we will notice a pickup in energy, situations and start to see many matters for what they are and will be. Mars will be in its stationary period from May 19-July 21 when it reaches 27 degree of Libra. Mars retrogrades approximately every 2 years.

Over the next several weeks Jupiter trines Saturn becoming exact on May 24. This represents the final swing of a positive transit that is good for, growth, new projects, finances, and stabilizing all situations. It is especially positive for finances.

Those who will receive the most benefit from this transit are Water and Earth signs, especially Cancer, Pisces and Virgo with a Sun at 14-18 degrees, or those with personal planets in these signs and at these degrees, so make the most of this if you are being affected!

Published reports say the US government ran a surplus of $112 billion in April 2013, according to the Congressional Budget Office, $52 billion more than a year ago. The surpluses recorded in April 2012 and 2013 were the first seen in that month since 2008. More good news: Revenue for the first seven months of the fiscal year is up 16%, or $220 billion, from the year-ago period.

All of this sounds good, and is. One cog in the wheel though: Just as things take off Mercury turns retrograde on June 7. So just as we get used to forward movement, we will be slowed down again for three weeks to reconsider things once more. Such is the year, 2014. We have had a plethora of retrograde planets all year. But after July 2, we should be able to take off again, so seize the moment, while you can.


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