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Friday, November 7, 2014

A rough patch: Choosing your battles carefully- Conflicts, confrontations, struggles and transformation

We hit a bit of a rough patch as Mars conjuncts Pluto, becoming exact Monday, November 10, and in the days before and after this transit will play out in the world and out lives, setting off the Uranus-Pluto square once again.

The full moon in Taurus occurred November 6, at 14 degrees Taurus, and the Scorpio/Taurus axis deals with sex, money, possessions, fairness and equity issues. This is the companion full moon to the October solar eclipse.

Mars/Pluto transits deal with sex, anger, violence, conflict and agitation, and issues over joint finances. You will experience this to a greater degree if it is aspecting your personal natal chart. If this is not aspecting your personal chart you will still be subject to the energy but it will not affect you as intensely.

If this transit is aspecting your personal planets you can expect to experience the above, and the only question is to what degree. My advice is to choose your battles carefully. Mars-Pluto transits at their worse are indicative of physical violence, anger, jealousy and rage. I would avoid bad areas, and people you know who will aggravate and agitate. Now is not the time to press an issue unless you are prepared for a fight.

This transit can amp up your determination, ambition, and relates to the elimination of old conditions and the creation of new ones.

At its best, this transit may transform something to a different situation, place or level. For example, and issue may finally be resolved one way or another and this can include relationships, business, and they way you approach things.

On the other hand with Pluto involved simmering issues can emerge, and Pluto transits have a feeling of events beyond your ability to control, as well as obsessiveness.

Over the next few days this transit will set off the Uranus-Pluto square and events in the world will be large.  Pluto rules bullies and those who would force their will on others and this includes politicians, governments, and rouge groups such as ISIS.

As Mars is a cardinal sign, effects will occur quickly and expect to see violence, especially in the hop spots around the globe and this transit opposes the US Sun the US natal chart. This is a dangerous time and as Pluto is also opposing the US Sun, and we will see challenges coming from others both from within our borders and outside US borders.

November 8, Mercury re-enters Scorpio hitting the October eclipse point and we will see issues occur that concern the October solar eclipse in Scorpio, and for the next three weeks communication will take on a more intense and determined quality.

November 9, Venus squares Jupiter and while this is a basically positive transit that might soften the Mars-Pluto transit, situations may become over exaggerated, and be careful of  making promises you can't keep, or promises made to you.

November 12, Venus conjuncts Saturn and Venus rules money and love. This is a negative transit for the most part s Saturn and Venus do not work well together, especially for interpersonal relationships. Some relationships may come to an end, or you may feel that you cannot relate to others, or feel isolated and alone.

If you have a natal planet at 23-26 degrees of a fixed sign-Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius or Taurus, this transit will affect you personally. Some of those affected could be born the first half of 1956 (Saturn in Scorpio) or 1984, or those with Neptune in Scorpio 1967-1969.

Again we will see this transit play out in the world as negative news that could relate to women.

November 12, Mars also squares Uranus and this is an explosive transit indicative of sudden events, changes, arguments and disagreements in your personal life that come out of the blue.

As this sets off the Uranus-Pluto square events in the world will be large and will include police or military action, explosive events and explosions, and Uranus rules weather, electricity and aircraft/spacecraft. This transit aspects the US chart, Russia-Putin, Israel and many others.

By month's end the Uranus-Pluto square becomes exact and events over these days will set it off. We will see and hear of many things that began in April of this year, and we are in a period of rapid change/upheaval in our personal lives and in the world, especially if Uranus and Pluto aspect your own chart.





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