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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November 2014: The return of the Uranus-Pluto square

November is another pivotal month of 2014 as Uranus and Pluto connect again in an exact square November 27, at 12 degrees Libra/Capricorn through December 27, 2014. This is the 6th time this powerful square has come together since 2012, the results of which are changing our world as we know it, as well as our personal lives. This square will be in an exact orb again late February-March 2015, and within 1 degree of being exact January of 2016 before finally separating for good. The times we are in are critical,  much like the mid 1930's before WWII, and the 1960's. Those periods of time changed our world permanently and so will this time we are in. It's not difficult to see, but we may not be cognizant of just how much the world has changed until this transit moves on in 2016.

Thus far, the Uranus-Pluto square has resulted in changes in the way the US government spies on US citizens, the knowledge brought to us in part by Edward Snowden, and more may be revealed this month. Governments across the world have changed and there is more turmoil in the Middle East than we have seen in decades. Many more changes will occur and as the square comes together turmoil will escalate once again, resulting in further changes in the world, politics, and our personal lives if you have a cardinal planet (Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn) at 10-14 degrees. All change is not bad, and at times this can bring positive results if change is needed, depending on what else is occurring in your own natal chart at the time. But with Uranus involved there is generally an unexpected element to the change and chaos sometimes ensures for a time.

The Cardinal cross came together in April of this year. A cardinal cross involves four planets, and Jupiter was part of the mix, as well as Mars. So many things happened in April it was hard to keep up with the news, but perhaps the biggest event was the emergence of the group known as ISIS or ISIL. No doubt there will be more news of this terrorist organization and the fight to destroy them. Many other situations occurred including Russia's intervention in the Ukraine, the missing Malaysian plane, and this period will not be so different as the last in terms of major events in the world.

As Mars is in Capricorn, also a Cardinal planet, the 'God of War,' will set off the Uranus-Pluto square forming a T-square between the three planets, similar to the Grand Cross in April with Mars. A T-square involves three planets while a grand cross involves 4. Many events that began in April or we were concerned with at that time, will re-appear and we will see the consequences November-January 2015. With Mars involved, the square becomes a T-square (3 planets) the most critical period of the square will be between the 8th and 14th of this month, but this is not the only critical time.

The Uranus-Pluto square falls on the chart of the US, Putin, Israel, ISIS and many others, and events will occur that will affect us all as a collective. As Saturn (and fast moving planets in Scorpio) oppose the fixed star Algoal I believe the crisis with ISIS will escalate and become more brutal this month. As the last solar eclipse was in Scorpio conjunct Venus, situations involving women around the world will continue to emerge, and they are brutal toward women. An example of this is the announcement the 200 missing Nigerian schoolgirls have been married off to jihad fighters.

On November 28, Saturn opposes the Sun of the NYSE. This is a negative  indicator for stocks all the way around. Jupiter is square Saturn, and Saturn enters Sagittarius by late December and while its square to Neptune is not exact, it is still within orb, re-occurring in an exact square by December 2015. Astrologer Mitch Lewis wrote, "This is historically a bearish aspect in the stock markets. The crash of 1987 occurred while restrictive Saturn transited this expansive Jupiter-ruled sign.

Saturn was also conjunct Uranus in 1987. These two planets were in opposition in 1966-67 which began a 16 year bear market. They were in opposition when the crash of 2008-10 occurred. Almost all downturns in the markets are a result of Saturn in conflict with Jupiter or an outer planet, Jupiter in Capricorn, or Saturn in Sagittarius.


Saturn will first square Neptune in November 2015. These are all signs of a major reversal in the markets. Whether it’s the fear of ISIS, Ebola, or some other unknown entity that will create the events, the markets are on their way down! In July 2005 Saturn left Cancer and entered Leo. That month was the very top of the housing market. It started to show serious weakness soon after. In 2006 Saturn began its opposition to Neptune for a year. This led to the crash and meltdown of that market. Saturn also rules banking, and while that opposition occurred the banks throughout the world were readying their own meltdown as a result of the sub-prime mortgage fiasco. Now we are seeing the square between these two, and the lessons of 2005-7 will once again be brought up. If we’ve learned from that period and made the necessary adjustments, there shouldn’t be a major problem in housing or banking. If we haven’t there will be hell to pay. The truth is, we’re somewhere in the middle. There have been some changes made to ensure we don’t have the same sort of collapse. But not all nations are following that lead. China has extended itself way beyond its banking industry’s potential. I believe that is where we will see the unsettling occur.


Already McDonald’s and Coca Cola have severely lowered their earnings and long-term expectations. There are a number of reasons for this including competition from other firms, but IBM has also reported a serious drop in income. So are we facing another crash? I don’t think so.


Stock market crashes are rare. We need a perfect storm to create one. This looks more like an extended 2 year bear market (with the accustomed bear-market rallies). The markets will probably go sideways and down, not crashing to the basement. America’s economy has been improving and shows strong signs of increased manufacturing, exporting, and job creation (albeit many are menial in nature). But globalization has created an interlocking system where weakness in one part of the world may translate into a problem throughout."


Many other planetary events occur in November, and the Scorpio season is upon us as this post is written. Saturn has been in Scorpio now since October 2012, and is 75 per cent through its cycle in this sign. December 24, 2014 Saturn enters Sagittarius for the first time, retrograding back into Scorpio June through September for one final pass in the sign ruling the eighth house of other people's money, investments and mortgages,  taxes, debt, death, sex and transformations of all types, and sometimes transformation seems forced.

Many Scorpios have had a hard time with Saturn in their own sign and it has been a two year period of many challenges and obstacles for many, and soon this period will change as Saturn moves into Sagittarius As we near the end of the Saturn in Scorpio cycle, the fast moving planets have or will enter this sign, and at the time of this post the Sun is in Scorpio, and Mercury enters Scorpio for the second time November 8.

As we go through this month the focus will be eighth house matters: money, taxes, investments and mortgages, debt, sex, death, change and transformation. The eighth house has to do with our partners money and the way we feel in a relationship. Now is the time to pay off or restructure debt and transform our lives relating to these matters. Saturn gives us an opportunity to grow and change as it transits each sign. This energy will amp up in November and it is time to deal with these issues. The lessons of Saturn in Scorpio are almost over. Of course we will have one final swing of Saturn-Scorpio June-September of 2015, before Saturn leaves this sign for the next 30 years.

Other transits in November include:

November 1, Venus sextiles Pluto and Mars sextiles Neptune-Both 'gender' planets aspect the outer planets and this is positive for relationships, compassion for others, relationships may seem more fated.

November 3, Sun sextiles Pluto-A good day for getting to the bottom of any situation with more ease.

November 6, a full moon occurs at 14 degrees of Taurus-the peak of this moon is at 5:23 P.M., EST. Taurus is the ruler of the second house of earned income and possessions. this is the companion full moon to the October Scorpio eclipse falling on the 8th/2nd house axis which concerns money and possessions. Issues that you dealt with during the eclipse may re-occur in some form and a full moon is often the completion of events that began on the full moon.

November 8, Mercury re-enters Scorpio-Mercury leaves the shadow period of the retrograde on November 10. Mercurial energy changes again becoming more intense, secretive and greater depth, which at times can seem compulsive. As this transit hits the eclipse point of the October solar eclipse, we will see eclipse related events play out and this is a significant day.

November 9, Venus squares Jupiter-when the two benefic planets create a square there is little struggle. This is a pleasure seeking transit for the most part, indicative of a lack of discipline and over-doing.

November 10, Mars conjuncts Pluto setting off the Uranus-Pluto square over the next week or so. We will see big events in the world and our lives if this is aspecting your personal chart. On the world stage Mars rules police and military action and power struggles and  violence is common. You may become involved in a dispute that has to do with ego, manipulation and worst case scenario, violence. This is a day to pick your battles carefully.

November 12, Venus conjuncts Saturn-this is a transit of seriousness and poor for relationships and love. There is an air of austerity with this transit and some relationships will end. Important decisions could be made, and this transit might relate to something or someone from the past.

Also on this day, Mars squares Uranus setting off the Uranus-Pluto square again. Mars-Uranus events are sudden, unexpected and explosive. This is a heavy day in the world and our lives if these transits aspect your chart.

November 13, the Sun squares Jupiter-this is a transit that can create a desire for growth, and a square to Jupiter is often beneficial. Situations can be overdone, or blown out of proportion. Don't promise more than you can deliver.

November 16, Neptune turns direct-Neptune in Pisces relates to disease, among other things, and as this planet turns direct we may be able to get a better grip on the problem of Ebola. Creativity and spiritual pursuits can come to the forefront, and if you are under a heavy Neptune transit in your own personal chart, things will start to become more clear.

Also on November 16, Venus enters Sagittarius. Great for Fire and Air signs, not as good for Water and Earth. More flirtations, fewer commitments.

November 18, the Sun conjuncts Saturn- difficult, depressing and basically a negative transit. Some things may end, expect delays and to become aware of what  your restrictions are.

November 20, Venus squares Neptune-at times this can be a romantic transit, but Neptune is the planet of illusion, delusion and confusion. It will work well if you don't take anything too seriously, and any commitment made on this may or may not pan out as expected. At its worst, someone could lie to you. Romantic issues can be foggy even if they seem to be going great, it may not be as it appears. Money matters could crop up and make no financial decisions on this day.

November 22, the Sun enters Sagittarius- This sign is all about freedom and expansiveness for the next 29 days. Venus is in this sign, and Mercury enters it in 5 days and the Sagittarius season is upon us, so make the most of this fun loving time.

Also on this day the full moon occurs at 0 Sagittarius at 7:32 A.M., EST. Sagittarius is the natural ruler of the 9th house of travel, education, legal/medical issues and outlook on life. Ruled by Jupiter, it is the most expansive of signs, and now is the time to look at where you might expand your thinking and ideas. Mercury squares Jupiter, another basically positive transit but things could be blown out of proportion. Watch what you promise others, or are promised by others.

November 25, Mercury conjuncts Saturn-basically a overly serious, restrictive and depressive transit, but could be considered a good period for serious research, planning, or thinking about one's life as long as it does not become too negative.

November 26, Venus trines Uranus-positive for love, money and finance. The Sun squares Neptune-great for psychics, readings, creativity, but things could become tiring, foggy and confusing.

November 27-Mercury enters the expansive sign of Sagittarius. Happy Thanksgiving!

November 30, Mercury squares Neptune-Confusion and misunderstanding can abound with this. Expect wet weather conditions in many places.







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