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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

January 2015: Shifting realities, a season of Aquarius and Mercury retrogrades


Happy New Year! As we enter the first month of 2015, the Uranus-Pluto square has started the process of separating, but the energy is still disruptive, angry and changeable in the world. This transit will dominate the sky throughout 2015 for the third year, along with Saturn square Neptune, which will be 'set off' by Mars this month, and we will get a glimpse and a feel of what this new energy will be like as we move through the New Year.

The square between Uranus and Pluto has brought a repeat performance in many ways of the Grand Cross of April 2014. (A Grand Cross involves 4 planets while a square involves 2. Uranus square Pluto was part of the Grand Cross in April-the other planets were Jupiter and Mars)

It is mind boggling to think that this spring we saw the disappearance of Flight 370, and the sinking of the North Korean ferry, and in December as the Uranus-Pluto square makes its 6th appearance,  AsiaAir flight 8501 has crashed  along with another ferry disaster off the coast of Greece. But, then again, Uranus rules aircraft among other things. What a sad holiday season for so many.

We have seen the emergence of social unrest in the form of protesters in the "I can't breathe movement,' named after Eric Gardner who was killed by police in NYC. We have also seen the retaliatory shootings of 2 police officers, cheap oil and the devaluation of the Ruble, a major hacking of Sony pictures that involved North Korea and many other disruptive events in the world to name a few at the time of this post, and I am certain there will be more to come after this blog is posted.

Uranus will square Pluto again in March 2015, this time at 15 degrees of Aries-Cancer. This will be the final exact pass of this powerful transit, but the energy of these most powerful planets will continue into 2016.

January 15-19 will be a significant period as Mars squares Saturn and conjuncts Neptune setting off the energy of the Saturn/ Neptune square that is within orb at 2-5 degrees of Sagittarius-Pisces.

While this square will not become exact until November 2015, this period will show us the possibilities of this transit and we can start to get a feel for the energy which will show us that various areas of our lives and the collective will start to dissolve away, appear weak and inadequate and have to be changed. This can take form in many different areas of life (depending on where it falls in your personal chart) and in the world.

Groups of people will believe, perhaps know they have been mislead, and misleading energy can take the form of direct action from those in power. Lies can be revealed, entities and individuals subjected to scandal and loss of power and there can be great misdirection and failing to see the truth in different situations.

Confusion and frustration can play out as ineffective action toward terrorist groups and other situations in the world, and we could see issues with the sea, water, or the weather, especially water-related situations.

We may see a lengthy period of wet weather conditions  or weather/water related conditions In January-February and again November.

This is a transit of ineffective energy, and potential improper direction of energy, and/or lack of clarity and in some cases outright lies.

Situations can be muddled, and lack of resolution and ineffective action will be a theme of this period.

Hidden weaknesses will be revealed in people, things and situations depending on what this aspects individually.

If you have mutable planets from 0-10 degrees: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces- the Saturn-Neptune square will aspect your life in some area this year, depending on your chart. You will discover weaknesses and a lack of clarity in the area of your chart affected and some realities of the past will dissolve. This can be an uncomfortable period until something replaces it.

The key to overcoming this transit is recognizing what needs to be changed first of all, and taking direct action to move forward. As Saturn is involved we will have the ability to see the reality (Saturn) of what has in reality been an ongoing situation of confusion and not seeing clearly (Neptune), thus we have the ability to build a stronger base and vision in whatever area of our lives (natal chart) this transit will affect.

Some of those who will be affected this month or next will be those with Neptune in the early degrees of Sagittarius born January-May 1970, and November 1970-Febuary of 1972, or those born with a Sun, or other personal planets from 0-6 degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

January 1, Mars opposes Jupiter and this transit has the potential to blow many things out of proportion.  Extravagance can be part of the theme, wasted resources, and over confident attitudes. For some, this can turn out well as it is expansive, but guard against over doing in all ways. We will see issues with foreign individuals and countries and Mars in Aquarius can be war like and pompous.

January 3, the Sun conjuncts Pluto and squares Uranus setting off the Uranus-Pluto square. This is a dangerous transit and rash or impulsive actions should be avoided. It is indicative to unexpected upsets and power struggles and explosive situations personally and in the world.

Sun-Uranus transit tend to be impulsive and unexpected, and Sun-Pluto transits controlling, obsessive and indicative of emotionally biased actions and power struggles.

If used constructively this can be a time of  creative transformation, but many will lean toward the negative aspects and over react in many ways. Some things will come to an end and cease to exist and this can include relationships, businesses, and all other forms of connectiveness.

Vengeance will be a theme as Pluto is involved and we will see upheaval and revolts in the world (Uranus), hostile speech and actions and we are once again in a dangerous time. But, we have traveled this path before.

Also on January 3, Venus enters Aquarius putting two planets in the sign that rules groups, companies and the collective. As Venus in this sign is ruled by Uranus, expect love relationships and social interaction to become more quirky, and prone toward unexpected situations, and it is more prone toward fun and unusual connections than stability.

The past week has been a difficult and tumultuous time and the full moon on January 4, falls in Cancer the most emotional of signs. This sign can be prone to overacting, especially on the heels of Sun-Uranus-Pluto.

Emotional outbursts can be expected in some quarters with this configuration. The key is calm, and in it is best to not react to this energy but rather search for the answers within before committing to a volatile course that could create permanent change and damage. Many people will still be in a home centered mood, and home, comfort and security will be a central theme.

This is a significant moon as it (and Sun-Uranus-Pluto T-square) falls within a degree of Americas Sun in the the seventh house of open enemies, and square America's Saturn. It will be a significant time full of tensions in the US.

January 4, Mercury also enters Aquarius and thinking and communicating will become more erratic and impulsive. You could come up with unique and interesting solutions and ides that would otherwise not be considered. This starts the shadow period of Mercury retrograde which occurs in several weeks. Best to wrap things up during this time and look toward February for starting new projects.

January 5, Mercury sextiles Saturn and this is a positive transit good for all types of communication and seriously considered thinking and the volatile energy of the past week will start to shift into a calmer period.

January 12, Mars enters Pisces, the 12th sign of the zodiac until February 19, and Mars in this sign is not very aggressive. There will be a bigger focus on spirituality and compassion. As Mars is in the sign that rules the ocean we could see water related events, or even battles or confrontations at sea. It is not good for military confrontations and with Mars in this sign the aggressor could well be the loser.

January 13, Venus and Mercury sextile Uranus and this is a positive transit for love, communication and money. You may come up with an original solution to a problem.

January 15, Mars squares Saturn and this marks the start of the Saturn-Neptune square as it is set off by Mars. This is a difficult, frustrating and irritating transit, and the definition of Mars-Saturn is repressed or restrictive action. Mars-Saturn can have a cruel undertone and this is not the time to push an agenda, or be the aggressor.

January 19, Venus opposes Jupiter and this is a basically positive transit as Mars aspects Saturn and Neptune. It can result in social activity, but take away drive and ambition. While pleasant,  it may help, but is not match in overcoming the strong Mars energy.

January 19, Mars conjuncts Neptune, and this transit will be tiring, confusing and in many cases depressing, with a tendency toward self destructive actions in some people. We could see issues with water on the sea, or relating to the weather. This is not a good day to begin any new project as confusion will rule the day. The highest and best use of this energy is in helping others, spiritual pursuits or creative activities.

January 20, the Sun enters Aquarius and we are in the Aquarius season!

January 20, a new moon occurs at 0 degrees of Aquarius, ruler of the 11th house of groups and organizations.

January 21, Mercury turns stationary retrograde for the next several days at 17 degrees of Aquarius. This is the critical period in the retrograde where Mercurial energy changes, slowdowns, glitches and delays occur. Don't get married, buy high ticket items or start new projects during this time. If you do so, do this at your own peril as at the very least things will change, and may not pan out as expected.

January 22, the Sun sextiles Saturn, and this is a great transit for accomplishing practical matters.

January 27, Venus enters Pisces and this will be a more romantic Venus, great for Pisces, and the other Water and Earth signs. Mercury also sextiles Uranus and there can be an air of brilliance with this transit, and much intellectual activity and communication.

January 30, Venus squares Saturn and this is a negative transit for love and your social life, as well as some financial transactions. Some relationships may end or hit turbulence. The Sun also conjuncts Mercury and this is 'willful energy,' and can be agitating, especially as Mercury is retrograde, and delays and obstacles may well crop up.

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