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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Full moon in Virgo March 12

This week's full moon in Virgo falls on March 12, at 10:54 AM, EST, and peaks at 22 degrees of Virgo.

Virgo is an Earth sign and rules the sixth house of work and health.

Virgo can be associated with health, exercise and diets. Now would be the time to think about a healthier lifestyle or incorporating exercise into your plan.

As this sign connects to work, many people may well be concerned with more mundane affairs or even do it yourself projects at home. Issues may arise with work. Its all in the details.

Virgo can be the most critical sign of the zodiac and we may see this play out in terms of interactions with others. Virgo is also associated with worry. Before you criticize someone be aware of what might be at stake.

Mercury squares Saturn on this day becoming part of the full moon energy, and this is a tiring and somewhat negative transit as well.

It's hard to express yourself with this transit and some people may feel reluctant to state their true needs or desires. This transit focuses on obligations and responsibilities, not frivolities.

So we can expect a critical approach to things either literally or figuratively. Be careful in relationships that you don't become too critical, demanding or a nag.Or others may come across like this to you.

Virgo is all about the details. Anything that is lacking in detail will be highlighted critically at this point. Get your facts straight and make sure the blanks are filled in.

As the Moon will also square Saturn this increases the critical energies as well. Some situations and relationships will end on this moon.

On the world stage, the full moon falls on Neptune in the 9th house of the US (Sibley) natal chart. The Moon (and Neptune/US chart) squares Mars and we will see anger, frustration, upheaval and lack of clarity in the US. We may hear things that aren't true, unclear, or lies,that could be uncovered. Virgo relates to audits as well. The ninth house rules laws, foreign entities and foreign countries. At its worst, we could see violence on this moon.

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