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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The eclipse aftermath

Events continue to play out that relate to the powerful February 26, eclipse in Pisces. The energy of an eclipse continues to play out for weeks, and sometimes longer.

Today is an especially stressful day with the Moon, Venus, Uranus and Mars in Aries, all meeting up together bringing an angry (Mars) emotional (Moon) state for many with unexpected issues and answers (Uranus) Many relationship (Venus) issues are coming to the forefront as well. These planets all oppose Jupiter, bringing things to sudden conclusions, and creating a desire to break free of things, people and situations that have become stale, oppressive or hard to deal with. Anger and upset will be rampant, and actions sudden and unpredictable and hard to control, or at worst, violent.
Four planets in the sign of Aries is powerful, and there is a focus on me, myself and I, good or bad.

On the other hand Mercury (communication, thinking), The Sun (ego), Neptune (subconscious) and Chiron (wounded healer), are all in Pisces. The energy here is confusion, delusion, lack of clarity, or in some cases over the top, out to lunch delusional or crazy. Or you may be trying to help yourself or someone else with a problem. It could be a high day for creativity.

It's going to take a lot of balance to work with these energies. Half of them are in the Mars ruled sign (Aries-1st house) of the self, and the other half are in the sign the coincides with 12th house of the zodiac and endings, or for those with a spiritual bent-compassion and understanding.

As the Sun conjuncts Neptune today, things may be revealed, or the day could seem like a Svengali dream filled with mixed images and emotions.  The more unbalanced an individual is, the more difficult these next few days will be.

By Thursday, the Moon moves into Taurus and this may help the mix some. As the Moon sextiles Mercury thinking may eventually become clearer. By late day the Sun crosses Neptune and the fog will begin to lift for now.

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