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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Full Moon in Capricorn: The reality check

June's Capricorn full moon falls just after midnight (EDT), June 27-28, at 6 degrees of Capricorn and it is tightly conjunct Saturn.

Moon-Saturn deals with the reality of situations, not what you would wish them or hope them to be. For many this can be a dose of reality and Saturn can represent discouragement and endings of many types especially if this aspects your personal chart, or something else does at the same time. Sometimes a reality check can be a needed thing, and help us to move forward.

Moon-Saturn can deal with women, especially older women. Mother's or those connected to the past.

Saturn deals with boundaries, setting boundaries and being given boundaries by others. It also deals with work, responsibilities, burdens and issues you would rather not deal with. In some cases, certain things or even relationships may come to an end.

Saturn-Moon transits can seem like you have hit rock bottom at times, or you are at the end of the emotional road, but this will soon pass.

The Sun opposes Saturn the day before, and this will add to the Saturn like emotional austerity of this moon, and may bring about events connected to this full moon.

This is a heavy transit that will lower energy, and can seem dour, restrictive and flat. There can be an overload of responsibilities and obligations and things may not move forward. It is typically a negative day in the world. Take care not to get too negative. These are good days to clear your desk, plan, take care of responsibilities and wait for the light of dawn, so to speak. At best, certain things may come together, especially in business you may have been working on. You could be dealing with land, property, buildings, mines or earth related matters.

Many things could seem to stall, go haywire, or even backward as Mars stations retrograde on June 26, and we can prepare to retrace some of our previous steps this summer.

In the (US) we could see issues connected to money, the stock market, banks, financial markets, immigrants, courts, opponents of the US and foreign affairs. This Moon sets off the Saturn opposition to Jupiter in the US natal chart. The stock market had its worst single day drop in history when Saturn opposed Jupiter in the US natal chart in February, 2018. The US market dropped 420 points June 19, and could drop further.

You will be affected to a greater degree if you have planets in your personal chart at 7-9 degrees of Cardinal signs: Aries, Libra, Cancer, or Capricorn.

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