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Monday, June 18, 2018

Summer solstice arrives: Let the fireworks begin

We have several rough transits this week and the first one is Venus opposing Mars. This transit becomes exact June 21, the day of the Summer solstice.
First of all, the Sun enters Cancer at 0 degrees at 6:07 AM, EST, June 21 and happy days are here again, summer has arrived! The 0 degree of each 
Cardinal sign is significant as it signals change, especially changes in the seasons/weather. For example, Aries point=Spring, Cancer=Summer, Libra=fall and Capricorn=winter.

But, on the same day, Venus opposes Mars at 8 degrees of Leo/Aquarius.  This related to trouble between the sexes, jealousy, vying for attention and in some cases bad behavior.

Other issues can include jealousy and suspicion, mistrust and issues about sex. Incompatibility of all types, and arguments can occur under this transit and in extreme cases a breakup can occur if something else significant is occurring in your personal chart.

You could become interested in someone with this transit, but it could be in a highly sexual way as opposed to friendship and romantic love. Make sure the foundation is there, before jumping to conclusions. A physical attraction does not guarantee a love relationship.

Alternatively, this transit could manifest as a financial issue as Venus rules love, money, and our social lives as well.

It is always interesting to see these transits play out in the world, and when this transit occurred in 2016, it was ruled by the courts that Bill Cosby will stand trial for sexual abuse. We could see other types of issues like this surface, and issues between men and women can be prominent in the news. There can also be a focus on financial matters.

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