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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Sun squares Uranus: Sudden twists and turns

The Sun enters Taurus in the morning hours of April 20,  and will conjunct Uranus 2 degrees Monday, April 22. The energies of this transit have begun at the time of this post.
Sun-Uranus transits can be upbeat and positive, indicative of change or unexpected change, or a day to try something different.

Change is a theme and it can happen quickly or unexpectedly. The day could be exciting in some way or you may not feel like conforming with the regular system or rules and seek out freedom and new experiences. This is a day to go with the flow, and the more rigid you are the more difficult the day could become. Uranus transits often signify a desire for 'freedom at any cost.' At times intuition may seem significantly enhanced and you could become more self-aware. Ideas may come to you quickly and unexpectedly.

The other side of this transit can manifest as nervousness and irritability, restlessness, and unexpected, unavoidable change.

Some people may want to take a gamble with this transit, but the influence of Uranus can an unexpected take a turn in many different directions and there is no guarantee of success.

This transit will pay out in the world in terms of sudden, shocking events or news. Taurus is the natural ruler of the second house of money and finance and we could hear news of financial markets or other situations involving money and finance. It's planetary ruler is Venus, which rules love, values, social events, art and music, women and it along with Jupiter are the planets of finance/money.

Uranus is associated with aircraft, lightening, cutting edge technologies, broadcast technology, TV,  earthquakes and earth changes, coups, accidents, revolts, explosions and explosive situations

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