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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

May 2019: Major life changes

For the second month this year Saturn and Pluto will remain close together giving us a glimpse into what this powerful conjunction will bring when it is exact in January of 2020. This is harsh energy indicative of change in the world and our lives.

This transit occurred three times in the past century: 1982 (Libra), 1947 (Leo) and 1914-15 (Gemini and Cancer). This cycle occurs every 32-28 years in history, and brings major  geo-political and personal changes.
Pluto transforms and Saturn restricts and as these planets are in Capricorn many will experience job and work changes but it is not limited to this area. 

What will change in your life depends on where this transit falls in your personal chart and those most affected will have Cardinal planets (Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn) at 20-24 degrees.

Restriction or limitation can force you to work hard to change something that has outlived its time and purpose in your life and it may be time to build a new foundation for future prosperity or success in some area. Therefore for many this is a time of hard work and patience and determination may be needed. The seeds of change are being planted now and this is the best time to take stock and accept the inevitable as to what must change. If you ignore that which has become obvious things may become more difficult late this year or next. Listen to your own intuition and advice. This is the time for well thought out change in the areas of your life that are no longer working.

Planets in retrograde

May is a month to reconsider the issues and projects on the table so far this year, as Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn are all retrograde this month.

-Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius asks that we tone down the natural optimism of the sign and focus on what we can really accomplish in any given area, rather than just shooting for the moon. This is not negative but rather akin to driving down a long road and reaching a fork at the end of the road. You must choose one path or another, which will it be?

Money may go out faster than it comes in, and in some cases putting the brakes on spending or finances if necessary can only lead to future stability. For some, education and travel may be front and center in terms of accomplishment and the next move up.

Saturn began its annual retrograde on April 29, and it will remain in its retrograde period until September 18.

-As Saturn is the planet of structure, discipline and responsibility we can consider this a learning period. Saturn retrograde is a time when issues can be processed and sorted out. Just how responsible and realistic about your goals you have been in the past can be a question Saturn asks during its retrograde period. Now is the time to do the real work to move forward.

-Retrograde Pluto is a time when change occurs in lawsuits, major financial matters and many things turn inward for resolution.
Both Saturn and Pluto (in Capricorn) are about re-rooting yourself in what is enduring, permanent and harmonious with nature.

Retrograde Saturn can delay, and cause procrastination, and its retrograde affect tends toward pessimism and indecision, especially if it aspects something in your personal chart.

April New Moon

The New Moon falls on May 5, at 14 degrees of Taurus. Taurus is a rich, laid back sign connected with the earth, and spring, and its ruling planet is Venus. As the moon and Sun trine Neptune there should be a pleasant influence, and its sextile to Saturn and Pluto should lend stability, humility and patience. This moon will be good for creative and spiritual pursuits. Finances and possessions may come into focus as Taurus is the natural ruler of the 2nd house of money/income.

Mars opposes Jupiter and things can get blown out of proportion, but this 
transit can give courage, self confidence and appeal. The downside would be conceit, greed, and over promotion of personal desires, or ever extending yourself in some way. Look to hear news regarding courts, the law, foreign people and situations and publishing.

The intense Scorpio full moon

The full Moon falls at 27 degrees of Scorpio on May 18. Scorpio rules the 8th house of sex, money, other people's money, debt and change and transformation. This Moon will intensify feelings which will become deep and superficial answers and relationships will not suffice.

A full moon in Scorpio can leave you spellbound in some way, or it can be a time of walking away from spells that need to be broken and left behind. A Scorpio full moon illuminates that which holds the psyche, or it can be a time of dissolving those holds.

This Moon opposes the Sun and Mercury, amping up emotions and communications. Young people, children and pets can be of concern at this time.

Venus is conjunct Uranus, and this is a day for new and exciting ventures. Alternatively it can be a day of plans gone awry, or changed for some reason.

Venus-Uranus can indicate sudden and exciting friendships, but Uranus is unpredictable in its nature and some relationships may suddenly end.
New people that are met under this transit may or may not have longevity no matter how well you get along. Only time will determine whether or not the relationship will last.

The New and Full moons fall on the 2nd/8th house axis of money versus other people's money, merging with earth itself or another, and transformation of that which already exists. Taurus and Scorpio are fixed signs that crave security and stability over change, and yet this Scorpio moon can be a time of intense transformation.

Love Forecast for May

Venus, the planet of love is in Aries until April 15. Venus here is in Mars sign so and love is ardent and sometimes impulsive. Venus in Aries does not like boredom and routine and cherishes freedom and independence above all else. Venus in Aries likes the chase. If you were born with Venus in Aries you need challenge and creativity. This placement will work well for fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) as well as Gemini and Aquarius.

May 15, love energies change as Venus enters Taurus. Taurus is ruled by Venus who is at home here. Venus in Taurus means we live more through our senses at this time and our appetite for pleasure can increase. Taurus likes quality:  good restaurants, beautiful clothes and all the finer things in life. We are prone to look for stability in relationships and things that last. Love and physical expressions can become more tangible. This will work well for Water and earth signs.

Mars rules men and is the other planet associated with love and romance.
Mars remains in Gemini through May 15, when it enters Cancer.

With Mars in Gemini the way to the heart is through the head. Mars here like conversation, intellectual stimulation, and sometimes one partner is not always enough to satisfy. Maintaining focus can be a problem as Mars energy here can tend to be scattered, but it is quick and diverse. Most of all, now is the time to have something to talk about and Mars in this sign can't stand to be bored.

When Mars moves into Cancer, love energy takes a turn toward being more nurturing. Love can be softer, more caring and activities can be centered around the home. Goals and plans at this time can be subject to mood swings, and what our mood is at the moment. Cancer energy is typically more prone to a desire to commit than Gemini.

Other significant transits in May:

Mercury, the planet of communication takes front and center as we begin the month. While it is traveling through Aries, speech may become more direct, bolder and forceful if not aggressive. It is up to us to use discretion in communicating with others so we don't come across as being rash and impulsive. At this time Mercury sets off the Saturn-Pluto conjunction and we can expect to see major events in the world.

May 1, Mercury squares Saturn This is tiring and can be indicative of negative thinking and communication. Used wisely you can logically reach many decisions. As it sextiles Mars at the same time this gives us some planetary help in terms of communicating with others.

May 2, Mercury squares Pluto. This is indicative of obsessive thinking, or you may have a thought that is hard to let go of at this time. You could be searching for an answer trying to uncover facts but this transit is prone to arguments and disagreements. By the early morning hours Mercury will trine Jupiter, and this will represent much more positive and optimistic thinking.

May 7, Venus squares Saturn. This is not the transit for social gatherings or love, unless it is deeply bound in duty or responsibility. You may feel lonely and focused on negative relationship issues.

May 8, Mercury conjuncts Uranus. This is indicative of impulsive speech and communication, unexpected news and blurting out secrets. It can be accident prone so watch traveling.
Also the Sun sextiles Neptune. This is prone to spiritual and creative or humanitarian thoughts and ventures.

May 9, Venus trines Jupiter. This is positive for business, social affairs and love. Generally very upbeat and positive.

May 11, Sun trines Saturn. Positive for work and getting things done.

May 13, Sun trines Pluto. Positive for working with groups, getting to the bottom of any matter.

May 14, Venus sextiles Mars. Good for business, social activities, amps up interest in sex and romance.

May 15, Mercury sextiles Neptune. Creative, inspirational, and good for intuition.

May 16, Mercury trines Saturn. Good for the facts, a long look at reality, but not in a negative way.

May 18, Mercury trines Pluto. Good for group activities, finding answers, deep expression of feelings.
Also Venus conjuncts Uranus. This is a day to try something different and break from routine.

May 21, The Sun and Mercury enter Gemini. The Sun conjunct Mercury can be prone to willful behavior and egos can get out of control.

May 29, Mercury squares Neptune. This is prone to confusion, deception, tiredness and dreams may be vivid.

May 30, Venus sextiles Neptune. Great for any form of creativity, social interaction and spiritual pursuits.
Also, Mercury opposes Jupiter. Generally positive but conversations may be blown out of proportion.

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